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Early "A" SA ground Rohm Ehrendolch

Article about: There were 200 of these Rohm daggers originally given by Rohm to his early best buddies. I am not aware of any that survived unground. They were either made by Pack or Eickhorn. This is a Pa

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    Interesting I have had both examples in Hand,,with the 1929 eagle and the standard as seen eagle ..and both of which did not have the dedication. As when the first SA dagger was introduced it was in December 1933 into January 1934..a month before the decree was issued. I would like to see photographic proof if they existed..and with good detailed the documented evidence currently at hand which was found supports only the February 1934 decree. Nothing before that. Regards Larry
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    Larry as i pointed out the timeframe does not fit.
    Before Rohm made his decision clear that a Rohm dedicated dagger would be available for loyale Sa man etc. they've already changed to the new type Motto and Eagle.

    therefore it cant exist.
    I have never seen any picture in any SA book or forum that proofs this blade exists.
    If someone has any proof that this blade exists, then please let him post here.


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