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Early SA Rohm dagger?

Article about: Greetings! I have the oppertunity to obtain a SA dagger from another "collector". He's selling multiple daggers and one of them is this one. My question thereby is, what do you thi

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    Interesting to note that John. Often I wonder when you here the term 'vet pick-up' how many vets actually brought there items home after the war or whether like you were saying paid the £30 for abit of history in charing cross after a few years after returning home.
    If they were as plentiful as you say, im sure any who came home empty handed would have done it to grab a piece of history.
    Im sure some of these odd configurations that have turned up directly from the vet this was the case!

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    Default Another dagger

    May i have your oppinion about this other dagger? This one is maker marked with "Agust Bickel" and seem to be in better "condition" overall. The patina(color) of the scabbard and the dagger seems different?

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    m4, I think you could be clutching at straws here my friend.
    Its got a better grip fit, but there is noticeable markings around the eagle. Im sure you've noticed the top crossguard is also cracked.

    We will debate over what we can see by pictures on a forum, but im afraid if all our members were to be in the same room and the dagger was passed around for an in hand inspection we'd all come to the same conclusion.
    Rarely are views really all that far apart.

    I really think if you are not 100% clued up in this field you should be buying from a reputable dealer. The prices that you spoke about on WAF, are not much lower anyway imo.
    You have Paul from Lakesider he's good I bought an early SA dagger from him about 6 months ago, US to UK deal no problem at all.
    You have John who's already spoke on here from eagle relics, he has an SA dagger pictured which has a nice patina which will be worth a few more notes if you ever to sell it. Good reports on John too.
    Whether you go Early or RZM (it doesn't matter anymore), try to find something unmauled with.
    And Remember the golden rule, something what is controversial when you come to buy it will be controversial when you come to sell it!

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    Thank you for your honest oppinion Matty(?)!

    I would absolutely like to order a dagger from a recognized dealer like likesidetraders for example. My only problem is that I dont trust it that it will get through the customs check into the Netherlands. So then i've basically lost the dagger, and my money. Dont they have some sort of a policy about that?

    Well, thats basically the reason I prefer it to get it from someone I can drive to and pick it up myself. But that comes with these kind of risks that it is not selled by someone who is recognized, so you are not sure if you can trust them.

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    Hi M4..I think you should contact Paul at Lakesidetrader..and I can assure you..his shipping is gauranteed. I also encourage you to speak with our own WRF member Gerrit from this very Edged weapon forum..who is a neighbor of yours being from the Netherlands. Gerrit has received much from the west with no issues. Give these 2 Gents a shout..and Im sure you will be pleased. Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

    “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” - Winston Churchill

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