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Ehrendolch der SA-Verbände der Freien Stadt Danzig/Gruppe Weichselland

Article about: Hi guys, just want to share pictures of an auction I found yesterday on the web. This honor dagger of the SA group of the town of Danzig changed owner for 4,000 Euros. I love the amber grip

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    Glenn, I haven't seen him in a yellow like the dagger uniform either - it was just a factious remark that seemed to well with the dagger. And my Monday morning attempt to inject a little humor into a discussion about a 4000 Euro fake which itself is not funny if somebody gets caught unawares that it's a postwar creation. Best Regards, Fred

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    theres one born every minute,what a mug.

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    Quote by bigmacglenn1966 View Post
    I like the case more than the dagger, lol...cheers, Glenn
    same here.......and the dagger reminds me of a warm summer day.

    As usual..with all things like this being labeled as high end..with a price tag to match...details need to be provided.

    but lemon yellow?
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    Who, with a little taste left in his head, would produce a lemon like grip?

    I think it would fit in a film like Spaceballs but not in the Third Reich, Göring would roll over in his case......Yellow, hahahaha

    I can do lots of great things with 4K, Alcoso Slants, Packs & Voos originals, they also have colored grips, but they have style, and depth...........hahahahhaha


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