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Eickelnberg & Mack SA dagger...

Article about: It looks very nice! As said, the ball isn't dented or anything, which is common among these.. And I've not seen the upside down 'P' on the lower crossgaurd either. The one I have was made in

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    Default Eickelnberg & Mack SA dagger...

    I acquired this dagger recently from a local estate along with a K98 bayonet. I've been told the maker , Eickelnberg & Mack" , is one of the less common manufacturers. Here are some pics.

    Best regards,

    Eickelnberg & Mack SA dagger...
    Eickelnberg & Mack SA dagger...
    Eickelnberg & Mack SA dagger...
    Eickelnberg & Mack SA dagger...
    Eickelnberg & Mack SA dagger...

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    Circuit advertisement Eickelnberg & Mack SA dagger...
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    Good looking original dagger.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    That is a real early beauty with a great grip.
    Gau Pommern marking on the back of the crossguard.
    its Sa rune has a little wear but besides that its in a wonderful condition.
    Its has a nice dull patina on the nickel fittings, and its blade looks good too.
    Does it have its original cross grain? its hard to see on these pics.
    I love the fully anodised scabbard, no dents, no crushed ball, excellent.
    Its a rare maker you got here.
    Below the R.Siegert listing of the maker.
    Eickelnberg & Mack SA dagger...

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    Hi Len..welcome to the forum..I seen this dagger on the GDC and I thank you for sharing it with us here. Nice original early period I commented there although the producer is a rare maker..the Gruppe mark "P" for Pomerania is rare especially along with it being upside down on the lower crossguard. First I seen of an upside down "P".

    Tight Crossguard to grip gaps...Nice!!...and as Gerrit pointed a beautiful grip..with which appears to have a Nice Cherrywood stain to it.
    The oils in the human hands also played a role in coloration of certain woods..that added to its color. Thanks for sharing. Regards Larry
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    a cracker.

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    Now that is a lovely looking unmessed with SA & a scarce maker to find

    A dagger i would buy in an instant

    Regards Mac 66.

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    So nice to see these early hand crafted beauties! Thanks for sharing.

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    It is always nice to see untouched early SA dagger.
    My congratulations.


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    Beautiful dagger!!! as stated above with the guys a rare maker!! I would love to own,
    thanks for showing,
    cheers Ronnie

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    Thanks for your comments fellas! This is my first SA and I'm happy to discover it's a scarce one. Gerritt, the blade has its cross graining , it just doesn't show well in the pics.


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