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Feldherrnhalle Dagger Erich Reiman

Article about: Yes Sir! That's my baby! Hi guys. Ted here from New Zealand. The other dagger next to Wiki's is mine. Just got it back to NZ.

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    Quote by mattty01 View Post
    hi Wagner,
    with the dagger on wittmans video the 'other guy' said it was number 2. Well just before that wittman said it was a late pot metal type. Well getting to the point, if there were roughly 50 made in total, wouldn't you think the number would be a high figure like in its 40's instead of number 2? Almost like they they knew the amount to produce and worked the numbers backwards?

    All the best matty
    Hello Matty,
    Yes, it was marked #2, I ought to know, but why so low? Your correct, that it should have been toward the last last of the run. like Kiwi's example it had a Bakelite grip. Some say, wood grips came first but that's not what the numbers prove. I heard there is a #5 that has wood grips. So I think we can't tell much by the numbering sequence yet. Or perhaps they were experimenting still at #2, or maybe it's not a serial number after all.

    The pommel and crossguard were made by injection mold, as they are hollow inside. That is one other way to tell authentic examples. A solid pommel would make a Feldherrnhalle dagger 'Top Heavy' and would not hang correctly. All the fakes I have seen of the hilt fittings were solid.

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    It seems from PM's that the burnt FHH dagger I saw two years ago, is NOT this example shown by Wiki. Who would have thought that there would be now TWO known examples of similar blade etch dedications on a Feldherrnhalle dagger. Sorry for any mix up I may have caused.

    Wiki's dagger, is 100% original IMO.
    A joy to see such a rarity posted today from a advanced collector to share with us all.


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    I would like to know more about these 2 blade etches..perhaps Wagner since you are the only one who knows whats going on..please enlighten us..the suspense of cloaked answers..and blind alleys is becoming a bit old. So far nothing has been proven IMO.
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

    “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” - Winston Churchill

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    To preface this reply I am going to say that I have heard every "brought back from Normandy beach" story there is!I generally politely listen to the story but let it have no effect on whether I buy something or not. I purchase the item not the story! However, I have been asked to elaborate on the provenance of this dagger and I will tell you what I was told. This Feldherrnhalle dagger was liberated by a GI at the end of the war. It was found in a staff officer quarters in a locked drawer in a desk. He sent it home with a multitude of other Nazi stuff. It resided above his home bar with all the other militaria for the remainder of his life. After he died a friend of a very high end military dealer who knew the family had the dealer buy the militaria. The dagger was part of the lot. This dagger was shown by the dealer at various military shows 10-15 years ago - So some of you might have seen this dagger before. It has never been in another collection and has not been handled by the various dealers in the hobby. So there you have it. This dagger is perhaps the most important Feldherrnhalle next to the lutze piece that resides in a private collection as well
    looking for Mint Early form 2,3 Political visors

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    On page 136 of the Johnsons book no/4, there is an Eickhorn example of the Feldherrnhalle with the number 13 on both cross guards, this dagger has wooden grips,on page 198 the Lutze dagger is shown in its case with separate hangers, from the grainy photo it appears that this has a wooden grip also but does'nt show the serial no/s.
    A strange oddity on the scabbard of the no/ 13 shows a screw on the facing of the scabbard and none on the sides, holding the scabbard throat in place, I'm wondering if this was a makers trademark design or just a quirk of a particular maker

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    Good question- Obviously the lutze dagger and the Reiman dagger have the screws on the side of the scabbard- wierd that a dagger 2 off of the Reiman dagger would have scabbard screws in a different variation - But again we have to remember these were one off construction and probably made by a different craftsmen. My dagger has the (79) number stamped in the inner works of the dagger. I have a feeling that is the number of the artisan that constructed the dagger??Much like fine pottery has a number for the artist( my thinking only)What I like about the Lutze pic in the Johnson book (pg 198) is the hanger--- exactly a match to the Reiman dagger with out the case-- Wonder if there was a case? I am looking at the hangers right now and guess what is written on the reverse --Ewald Luneschloss Solingen U.E. 10 RZM ! Pretty remarkable. Learn something new every day. The history is just getting better-----
    looking for Mint Early form 2,3 Political visors

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    Thx for showing this dagger here and being so helpfull posting addition pics when asked!
    Having a original FHH dagger is as we all know very special, not many originals exist on the market.

    my 2 cents and please dont take this personal!
    Now it comes to a personal taste: If you would ask me what i would buy for the money that a FHH costs, if i had the choice i would certainly buy a SA High Leader Honour dagger.
    The FHH is actualy the worse deal for that kind of money, cheap components, common blade ( not in this case tho) and cheap bakelite grip, the rarety makes it expensive, imo not the beautifull design or materials.

    Thx for showing!


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    Gerrit- Good comment. No question a SA High Leader honor is bucket list item. I have owned a SA chained high leader and have never forgiven myself for letting it go. I agree that these two examples are completely different in construction and appearance. And you are right in the Feldherrnhalle case it is the rarity that makes them so attractive. I think that it is the vast diversity of objects in this hobby that is so interesting. I like daggers but I love visors----So there you have it
    Thanks again for your interest
    looking for Mint Early form 2,3 Political visors

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    Default Reiman signed photos

    Feldherrnhalle Dagger Erich ReimanFeldherrnhalle Dagger Erich ReimanFeldherrnhalle Dagger Erich ReimanFeldherrnhalle Dagger Erich Reiman

    Thought I would add these shots to put a face to the dagger-- Original autographed portraits--
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Feldherrnhalle Dagger Erich Reiman   Feldherrnhalle Dagger Erich Reiman  

    looking for Mint Early form 2,3 Political visors

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    Collection looks fab wiki. The dagger still looks very nice, although I still really cant get my head round these ferdenhall's, with the numbers etc etc.
    I guess not too much is known of the very very rare daggers - Il stick with Luftwaffes hehe!
    Very personal question wiki, will your dagger be featured in wittmans new coming SA book? If everything you say is correct, an important dagger like this shouldn't be missed out in my view.
    All the best matty

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