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hoping the gurus think i did good: SA dagger

Article about: Hello gentlemen, Just got a deal on this beautiful knife and wanted to either hear I did well or that I should be trying to get my money back. The WWII bug has caught me and this was my foll

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    Quote by airborne1970 View Post
    Thanks Ger, The condition of the grip, being so perfect is what scared me a bit.
    I can understand your apprehension..about the grips contour ridges..being on the sharp side and would make me nervous seeing the blade in the condition it is in. A comparable study with other Malsch types..may lay to rest any doubt. The price you very good for the overall condition and the producer type. Regards Larry
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    thanks a lot for the responses guys. I won this thing on an online auction. I had to make a quick decision. From the research I thought it was a great deal. So jumped on it. Then my common sense kept saying theres got to be something wrong. So I just needed some reassurance. Like I said I was more concerned with it being original rather than the value. To me its priceless......gonna be a hell of an estate sale!! Does anyone have any ideas of where to start looking for a hanger for it? thanks


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    Karl Malsch is an excellent dagger to wet your whistle on daggers, but, of course, it will not be your last, as you well know by now. This one is a good honest looking piece with enough wear and tear on it to let you know that it's Been There, but not rough enough to make it worthless! I like it!. As for a hanger, I would suggest contacting Paul Hogle at Lakeside Trader and see what he may have available or at the least, let him know that you're hunting one and he can let you know when he gets one that will work well with it.

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    Larry first that pops up in mind is: grip has sharp contours/Ridge.....and as we know the high contours is commonly seen on the later transitional & RZM types, and far less on early ones.
    So it needs a bit of eximination, i agree so i did before posting my reply.
    I compared the patina of its nickel eagle ( which is btw perfectly inlayed) with its nickel guards, they match.
    Then a bit of spitting shows all 5 karl Malsch ive found have that sharp ridge and the inlay of the runes button differ 50% high and 50% low placed buttons.
    Then looking especially at the fit sidewise and to guards i do not see any problems with this one.
    Here a few K.Malsch grips to compare, 1 belongs to WR member Avenger.
    hoping the gurus think i did good:  SA daggerhoping the gurus think i did good:  SA daggerhoping the gurus think i did good:  SA dagger
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    A nice dagger at a fair price! I agree that Paul at Lakeside is your best best for a hanger, I think I paid around $70-80 for my hanger.

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