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I think i was almost ripped off on ebay....

Article about: Good eye, nice catch Brian. I'll tell you what the buyer would have gotten. NOTHING! The buyer would have paid the crook and then when nothing showed up, he would be fighting with Ebay for m

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    Default Re: I think i was almost ripped off on ebay....

    That's a brilliant idea Brian, I think I will do the same on future big ticket items. Gives you a darn good witness in case of fraud.


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    Default Re: I think i was almost ripped off on ebay....

    Yeah, i buy a lot of ammo, and gun parts, like mags, scopes, red dots, ect...

    The ammo has to go through UPS, but Ive never had a problem with that as its always through a dealer.

    Its when i buy Acogs, and Eotechs, and such.

    Ive had people try to rip me off on AR-15 kits, thats when i open in front of my postal carrier, shes a gun nut like i am so she doesnt mind seeing what i get.

    I have had to use her to write a statement that the box was empty, i had a guy one time actually send me a box of metal bars, when it was suppose to be a 2 AR-15 kits, valued at well over 1000.00.

    I also when i buy big ticket items now, i have the person send me a pic of the item with a post it type note on them , with a random number ( a number i choose ) written on the post it, that way i know they actually have the item in front of them.


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    Default Re: I think i was almost ripped off on ebay....

    Another brilliant idea. I would love to see the reaction of some thief when you gave him the number to put in the picture. I sold a piece several weeks ago for $240 and the guy said his "secretary" had accidentally written the check for $2400. He told me to cash the check when I got it and then send the remainder of the money back to him. He told me to keep $100 extra for my trouble. I told him in a nice way that he was an idiot, and needless to say, he never mailed the check. I guess there are still rubes falling for these scams or they would quit doing it.


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