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Marine sa

Article about: hi verry verry nice sa marine dagger first one i see in 2 years about the normal sa dagger maybe your lucky and the eagle is under the thing that fills the eagle gap but if there isnt your g

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    Default Marine sa

    Heres one you dont see to often a Marine SA dagger, scabbard covered in leather with black handle - maker is CD Schaaff, Solingen with the salty sailor logo.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Marine sa   Marine sa  

    Marine sa  

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    WOW! love that scabbard,,, great SA

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    BEAUTIFUL and rare.....
    Do you have a feel for how many of the Marine SAs were made/how big the organization was?

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    SS Ring Man

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    Vary nice

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    Denny - I dont think that there were a large number of Marine members although units were assigned not only in sea port areas but also inland navy units were attached to an SA gruppe i.e. rivers etc. In addition this type i.e. black scabbard/grip were phased out and the standard SA dagger with gilt plated fittings was introduced for SA Marine wear.This being said the early SA Marine Dagger is not often found in collections and I would guess a very rare and hard one to find.


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    First of all, top forum, most informative I've seen.

    I've been trying to find out about a SA dagger given to me by my Dad when he had a 'clear out' last year, and from the info I've seen here I think that it is a Marine SA.
    It has a black handle and No (Nordsee Gruppe) stamped on the crossguard, was made by Anton Wingen Jr in Solingen, and has no RZM so is pre 1936?
    There is one thing missing though, the iron eagle has been removed/lost before the dagger came into my Dads possesion in the late 50's. You can just see where it should be from a very faint outline, I'm not sure whether the handles were rebated to take the motif, if so this one has been filled as it's very difficult to spot.

    Enough ramblings, you'll be wanting the pictures....
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Marine sa   Marine sa  

    Marine sa   Marine sa  

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    Welcome Chard, yes this is a great site with lots of great information and swell folks.
    As to your Dagger have a few questions ,what color is the scabbard from the picture it looks brown? also do you see any gilt on the dagger/scabbard fittings? From the looks of it its a standard SA that has had the grip repainted/eagle removed.

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    Horst!!! WOW man....I have never seen one of these SA marine daggers. Now - that said - I'm no huge dagger guy....but it most certainly looks to be one of the rarest SA type daggers out there.
    Very cool to see! Thanks for showing!

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    Hi Chard, welcome to the forum for me too!

    I have already seen your dagger; we have a mutual friend in Mike

    My feeling is the same as Horst: it is a conventional SA dagger with a post war de-Nazified modified grip.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Hi Ade,

    Mike gave me a few starters so I thought I'd do a bit of digging myself. Couldn't let him do all the work, I know how tired he gets.

    Would there be any way that I could unmodify the dagger to return it to it's original state?

    Hi Horst,

    Yes the scabbard is brown, and no guilt fittings either so as you say a standard SA, but it's mine.

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