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My SA dagger C.Eppenstein -Sohne Solingen

Article about: Hello all, Finally got around to photographing my one and only SA dagger which is made by C.Eppenstein -Sohne Solingen with cross guard group marking HO. After all the hassles of getting it

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    Thanks for all your comments. Definitely worth the wait. I'm thinking it would look good framed with a party armband, SA belt buckle and maybe an SA sports badge.

    Customs were a joke, first they seized it without any documentation so all I received was an empty box. After a week of them denying that they had it, they threatened me with legal action unless I supplied a police clearance - even though you don't need one to import a razor sharp gunto. The police clearance was filled out incorrectly by weapons licencing so I had to start the process all over again. Then once Customs cleared it, to add insult to injury they mailed it to me in an unpadded cardboard bag. I lost a few hairs during that 6 week period.

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    Sorry to hear that Alex that's really disgusting. Not much better here in the UK if they find anything they have little respect for personal property.

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    Sounds like somebody in customs was looking to 'confiscate' it for themselves?

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    I'm just glad it finally came and with no damage from its journey.

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    These customs people can be pure & utter jobsworths !

    I,ve had a few hairy things happen to my packages by UK customs.

    it can be a gamble & worry sometimes importing edged weapons imo.

    Regards Mac 66.
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