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Need help with NSKK Chained dagger

Article about: Hello people, I've been studying the internet and especially "War relics",but still I'm not sure wether the dagger that has been offered to me at a reasonable price (because of the

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    Default Nskk chained dagger

    Thank you very much ,Gerrit, for looking at the unsharp pictures.Seller is working on my nerves with that.
    I have been comparing closely your pictures and mine.(Also those of Wittman Militaria,for what its worth,because pictures arent that good either and his reputation isn't completely intact)
    I've marked some points on my pictures I have questions about.
    Could you tell me what is your point of view?Many thanks in advance.
    Point 1: The RZM mark is one with smaller letters,and the 2 outside legs of the "M" don't seem to be parallel. Maybe this feature is not that important because an "RZM" mark is a very much used item,and the stamps may regularly be changed.Also the "5/8" for "Assman differs,but maybe here the same remark.
    Point 2: Maybe more important: The round arms of the swastikas seem to be longer on my pictures than on yours,So there is less space between the end of one round arm and the starting of the following one.Also the shape of the arms does not seem to be perfectly round.
    Could this be smaller production differences ?
    Thank you for your comments.
    Pictures in next post.

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    Circuit advertisement Need help with NSKK Chained dagger
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    The pictures
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Need help with NSKK Chained dagger   Need help with NSKK Chained dagger  

    Need help with NSKK Chained dagger  

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    Is the umlaut present over the letter u, in Korpsfuhrung? Pictures are not clear enough for my old eyes, but one old rule of thumb with these chains is, no umlaut - no good! Another is to carefully examine the conector holes in the links, to make sure that round holes (seen in first generation fake chains) have not been altered to provide the correct flat bottom shape. See Gerrit's chain for 100% original.

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    The umlaut is present,but maybe a little too much present.Normally the 2 points are only just above the "U".In my case the umlaut is somewhere between the "U" and the "K from NSKK Korpsführung".
    The holes in the links seem Ok to me.
    Thank you for taking a look,Gastvrijheid.

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    Just found a NSKK Motorbootestandarte chained dagger at Helmut Weitze.
    Same Umlaut,same small R,Z,M (the M with not parallel legs) as my example.

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    Default nskk chained pictures Helmut Weitze

    2 pictures
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Need help with NSKK Chained dagger   Need help with NSKK Chained dagger  

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    For such as it's worth, I am not seeing any problems with this NSKK Chained dagger. At 1st I was unsure about the sheath and chain, but the further provided photos have pretty much cleared up any qualms I had about that aspect of it. It is, in my opinion, a good solid dagger and I am not seeing any problems of note with it.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Anyone comment on "RZM"-mark in post 16?
    Much appreciated!!

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    No one any remarks on "RZM"-stamp on chainlinks NSKK motorbootstandarte Helmut Weitze please?
    Thank you,greetings,Peter

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    Hello,guys.No one any comment on the RZM-mark on one of Helmut Weitze's NSKK Motorbootstandarte Führerdolch?
    Thank you in advance!

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