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Original or not?

Article about: To be totally truthful, the 1st dagger is worthless. It's been Badly abused and ruined. The 2nd dagger is in Terrible condition and is nowhere Near being worth 300 Euros. And, the 3rd dagger

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    Default Original or not?

    Hi, I would like to ask you if this dagger is real or fake? I suspect it will be hard to say from this pictures...but still Thanks.

    Original or not?Original or not?Original or not?Original or not?

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    Circuit advertisement Original or not?
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    I could cry...sad to see this happen to a great piece of history. It appears to be good but the flash washes out all detail. Is there a makers logo on the reverse blade? Looks to be an RZM logo as a logo and once was an NSKK dagger from the looks of the original paint on the scabbard. Like a doll without eyes is a dagger without its fittings. I can say it has been devalued and will not bring hardly anything for resale. Is this dagger forsake someplace? Regards Larry
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    Sad to see daggers that end up make that. Another dagger is out there with mismatched parts.
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    Wow that is so salty I got high blood pressure just from looking at it!!!!!!!!

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    So this dagger is composed from the residues? I´m sorry for possible stupid question but i don´t know the ropes

    to larry: This dagger is auctioned on some web. I´m still looking for some gift for my big friend and I want to buy him dagger or panzerkamp..

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    Stay away from this one!!!!!!!!!
    Fortune favors the brave 644th td

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    Quote by tank destroyer View Post
    Another dagger is out there with mismatched parts.
    Please elaborate Marty.
    You have given the original poster the impression that this is a parts dagger. I do not see anything that makes me think that. IMHO, it is an example that has been poorly stored and has lost some of it's parts.
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    I´m glad I start your discussion gentlemen but I don´t know who´s right...

    And this one?

    Originál dýka SA - Kutná Hora, prodám
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Original or not?   Original or not?  

    Original or not?   Original or not?  

    Original or not?  

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    It is easy to see the Adler was replaced on the "NSKK" dagger handle. I agree it is sad to see in this condition.

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    A good one Transitional , although hi is not in the best condition.


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