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Paul A Henckels SA dagger

Article about: A real good friend (the one who sold me the k98 rifle) got a call from one of his local pickers about a paul henckels sa dagger and a sielfried waffen epack dress bayonet. Info needed about

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    The early SA dagger looks to be in good shape, except the dented scabbard, lovely grip and a nice blade.
    i quote R.Siegert: about 2000 pieces produced by this maker, having a 8 on his raretylist, so as Larry stated quite rare

    I like the late Siegried Logo on the bayonet, it doesnt look like a smith with his hammer, more like a fischerman having a flyfish rod in his hand!
    Typical Pack a- symatric placed screws/ rivets.

    Nice set


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    Sorry at this time no new photos, very slow internet connection. The district mark is WF. Ray ask does anyone know of someone who could remove the dent from the scabbard? Years ago he had a dent removed from a Luftwaffe scabbard but has lost the guys info. Oh thank you for the information on the rarity of the dagger I thought it might rate a 7 or 8, I wish I could buy it can't have everything. Thank you gor your valuable time, Marty
    Fortune favors the brave 644th td

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    I'd suggest emailing one of the big dagger sellers, such as Paul Hogle, or Craig Wittmann. They have the connections you need to find and if They deal with them, you know they must be a Good one.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Great information I will let him know. Thanks
    Fortune favors the brave 644th td

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    Angry I'm guessing these are pics of that dagger

    Paul A Henckels SA daggerPaul A Henckels SA daggerPaul A Henckels SA dagger
    That should work? I have a limited amount of provenance you might like to go with those. I am a picker because my job forced picking on me pretty much, but those weren't from a pick. The rarity of a Henckel is up there and the fact that there are still henckel knives made and collected besides SA daggers just adds to it. I found this thread when I looked to see how much they sold for. I think you really came out well and they would have gone to an auction if I hadn't had to pay my mom's bills so they didn't cut everything off. I probably don't want to know how much you get for them.

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