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Pet.dan. Krebs sa - plated blade

Article about: so I got a pretty nice one, but some say so sa makers used plated blades - and that mine was greatly-'polished' to remove some dark smudges, along with the grain. I figure the work to do thi

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    much obliged, larry. well-stated. d

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    Agreeing with Larry, the macro images should put to rest the matter of plated versus polished with the later being what we are seeing. The darkened etched logo reinforcing the idea, because the interior of the etch should be silver in color (if it was plated). That said there are some folks who "enhance" washed out/polished away etches by blackening them but I can't say that is the case here, as even in-hand it can often be hard to tell if that is the case or not. Best Regards, Fred

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    This is the only Dan Pet logo that Ralf has in his SA book, although it looks more towards an ugly insect then a lobster, i 'm not having any problems with it.

    My experience is that when a blade looks plated and has no crossgrain at all the mechanical polish machines did some overtime.
    The polish paste residu will blacken the logo.
    I do not believe in plated SA blades, i do have seen quite a lot full bright and shiny polished ones.

    Pet.dan. Krebs sa - plated blade

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    According to the Late Anthony Carter...Peter Daniel Krebs died early on in the late 1800s directories stated that the companys owners were
    Otto Krebs and Werner Krebs from 1920-1939.

    Anthony Carter States regarding the Crayfish within the shield... " The blades of the early type SA daggers, made during the Third Reich, bore the company name and location curving round the shield and crayfish trademark "

    This early variant logo is correct for the time frame and period.

    Krebs proposed a new design for an SS dagger..but was never adopted ( Sorry no photos ) the company dissolved in 1954

    Regards Larry
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    thanks so much to all viewers and participants - excellent responses.

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