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Picked new SA dagger with another inscription on the back...

Article about: I think Larry is spot on. The big early Logo has been used on the first series of Rohm dedicated daggers. IMO the blade could very well be real. Scabbard is for sure no eickhorn and a later

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    The entire grip has shrunk a bit. Look at the gap at the lower crossguard , as is typically seen on these.
    I'd put my neck out to see what the result is for a $50

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    An "interesting" story but I have some very serious doubts that it's true. Not the only battlefield pickup I've owned, I gave a Type 53 carbine I had to friend of mine who was a medevac helicopter pilot in Vietnam who came back without any souvenirs so no pictures. The carbine's wood stock was full of pieces from a M26 grenade, and the previous owner bleed out mostly over the action part of the rifle. With the bottom line being that the blade does not look to me like 'blood rust'. Best Regards, Fred

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    I agree

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    One side view of inscription
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

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    More pics
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    So far this is what I am told this is.... Ground Rohm... only the name has been removed... and during that process they also touched the maker mark a little bit, Ho = Hochland. It's not unusual to see the Gruppe mark placed in this location....early Eickhorn NSKK dagger. The eagle looks like an Eickhorn eagle (possible lifting due to moisture). Eagle is the high necked variety seen on early Eickhorn daggers (with lots of detail).
    Only name has been removed.
    Ho gruppe mark - Hochland.

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    As said earlier, the Eickhorn Squirrel is much too far up the blade. It is in the position it usually is seen on ordinary SA blades. It should be, on an inscribed blade, right down near the crossguard. Here is a link discussing and illustrating this-take a look and see what I mean:

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    I appreciate you opinion...

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    Quote by Walkwolf View Post
    Possibly a worn/poor condition original dagger 'enhanced'
    with engraving to bring a higher price.........?
    I don't think it's been fiddled with by the widow. To quote Fbeady, "Aged fake for $50?"

    If sold from a dealer or ebay for a higher price, I would be suspect.

    The only possibility to it not being original is that her husband acquired a fiddled with dagger after the war, and either she or he lied about the story. I don't know how else an old woman comes across a German dagger without knowing the true value.

    Disclaimer: I know little about German daggers, this is just pure detective work.

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    'Fiddled with dagger after the war' is indeed what
    I'm guessing in regards to my post.

    Believe the item, forget the story.........


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