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A question about SA Daggers

Article about: Again German items are not really my thing, however on Friday I will be going up to look at some Bayonets and an SA Dagger The Dagger is real, and in rather good condition with the hanger, m

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    Default Photos Added A question about SA Daggers

    Again German items are not really my thing, however on Friday I will be going up to look at some Bayonets and an SA Dagger
    The Dagger is real, and in rather good condition with the hanger, most if not all the paint on the scabbard, as well the blades looks really nice.

    I know the values on the other items I will be buying, however after looking on line at SA Daggers ( so I can get an idea of value so I can make a fair offer) I find that ones in about the same condition are being offered for $800 to $1200!!

    Now I had no idea that they are worth that much..are these prices out of line for a Dagger about a 7 out of 10?
    I thought they were worth $400 to $500, however as I said I do not really do not know about these

    THank You
    Dean O
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    Dean, There's a lot of SA daggers being offered on line for various amounts of money, but it don't mean they will get it. My age old rule of thumb, it, if it feels right, be happy with what you pay for it, if you're selling on, then any profit is a good profit, however the hardest thing is to buy blind. i.e. not knowing what the going rate is. My advise, look at tatty daggers, mint daggers, and if your one is in the middle then throw in a mid price, hope that makes sense
    I get this all the time "I've seen one on the net for so and so price". The internet is good, but not that good, that's why people still have stuff years down the line


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    Thanks John..I will do that and take a chance..fortune favours the Brave ( or lucky)

    Dean O

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    First you have to determen if its an early SA dagger, a transitional or a late RZM one.
    There is a lot of things that determen its price: Condition, maker etc.
    You talk about paint on the scabbard...then i think RZM or Transitional, early ones would be anodised.
    You say the blade is looking good: i wonder is the blade shiny because its polished? or does it have its Original factory cross grain.
    Is it a common Pack or Eick or a rarety 10 like Torley?
    is it a parts dagger or a Original......all these things make its price...and without pics all we say is dust in the wind...

    So my advise: ask pics or make them yourself and post them here, we can give you a good advise.


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    Hi Dean..any possibility of sneaking some pics ? Photos answer many questions words can not. Regards Larry
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    Default photos added

    Well here are some photos of the Dagger, looks different than I remembered it!!
    I cannot turn the flash off on my camera, so these are the best I can do.

    Any More help would be Great...
    Any Idea what it might be worth? Is it a 1933 Pattern? Is it a good or rare maker?

    Thank you all again!!!

    Dean O

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	SAD 014.jpg 
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Name:	SAD 002.jpg 
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Name:	SAD 008.jpg 
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Name:	SAD 009.jpg 
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Name:	SAD 012.jpg 
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Name:	SAD 013.jpg 
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Name:	SAD 001.jpg 
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    Hi Dean,

    its a correct Sa M33 early type dagger.
    Its a pretty rare makers also, produced +/- 4000 pieces, rarety a 9 ( on a scale of 10 being the rarest)
    It has an early unmarked nickel hanger as it should, anodised scabbard, nickel fittings and well inserted insiginia.
    It has the proper Gau mark ( Wf) for this maker.
    The problem is the blade, although it has lots of traces of the Original cross grain it has been sharpened, and it has nicks, that will reduce its value highly.
    This one I would price in the 600 dollars range ( because it has a good hanger, althoug it looks like the leather is kind of small for the snap)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	rader SA.jpg 
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Size:	129.4 KB 
ID:	754614

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    Thank you very much, I am learning more!!!
    I will probably list this here as there are those members that are more into it than I

    Thank you again!!!!

    Dean O

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    I like your appraisal Ger

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    I am really amazed at the knowledge that are members have, we all collect our own thing and we know about those types of items.
    It is so great that Members here take the time to share their knowledge with other members that know little about items they do not usually come across.

    And that's another reason this forum is so Great!!!

    Thank you again gerrit, and others that have helped me in the past.

    Dean O

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