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Article about: Hi guys, I am able to buy this dagger for 250 euro (around 280 USD). Now I am not sure if this is real or a fake but my guess is that its a fake. Bad quality eagle, deformed swastika, odd SA

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    Thank you Gwar. I will definitely do that.

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    Circuit advertisement RZM SA Dagger REAL or FAKE?
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    Im not sure if i should start a new thread for this, but a new seller contacted me asking if Im interested in a NSKK chained dagger.

    Im waiting for uncensored and more detailed pictures. In the meantime I have these pictures. Can you guys already spot if this grip is legit or not? IMO is seems too bright/clean to be legit? Hard to tell but it also seems that the SA roundel is off centre? Im also not sure about the markings on the tang and inside the cross guard.

    RZM SA Dagger REAL or FAKE?RZM SA Dagger REAL or FAKE?

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    These pictures will certainly not give enough detail. To my eye they look almost edited, especially in the second picture. I would start a new thread once you receive more pictures, hopefully better than these.

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    Hi Rogal...more detailed photos would help your dagger greatly to authenticate it. Need close ups of the chain assembly. Lower guard is "Junk" and the "square opening never existed even in the later period examples...the lower guard tang opening will always be rectangular. The Lower guard to scabbard throat fit is also showing a gap. Show pics of the chain..and that should give a final answer to its authenticity.

    Regards Larry
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    Curious that the seller contacted you. More common that a seller will advertise rather than approach individual people unless he considers you a 'mark'.

    Be careful...

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    Alright, I have more pictures. IMO the pictures are not great but I will create a new thread and post them there. I thinks its a fake too.

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