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SA dagger

Article about: Hi, could you please give me your views about this dagger, thanks, Juan

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    Default SA dagger

    Hi, could you please give me your views about this dagger, thanks, Juan
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SA dagger   SA dagger  

    SA dagger   SA dagger  

    SA dagger   SA dagger  

    SA dagger  

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    Looks good to me ,1939 SA By Gustav C. Spitzer, The only problem i can see is that by the photo's it has a much earlier pre RZM Brown "anodised" & nickel mounted scabbard, Cheers Paul

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    Thanks for that, what would be in your opinion a fair price?

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    I don't really like advising on values but the mismatched scabbard would affect it. You could always check the net to see what the dealers are charging to give you a kind of ball park figure but remember that it would be top dollar, cheers Paul

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    Thanks for that, appreciate your comments. One last thing, could you explain what do you mean about top dollar, sorry about it, but english is not my first language and I am not familiar with this expression

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    Dealers will always charge a Higher price as they have overheads etc High price = Top Dollar. Cheers Paul

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    a good original dagger.

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    Interesting 1939 date beneath the RZM number which technically this Producer did not date their Mid to late Period SA daggers...yet they did date their 1938 and 39 SS daggers. No other period documentation supports the 1939 date..yet obscure daggers do surface. You may want to take a measurement from the end of the motto to the bottom of the lower guard..and the motto should fall within the 24 to 25 mm range.

    The etch process on the other hand..does exhibit what is commonly seen on some early SA and SS daggers. Interesting to see this 1939 date and would like to see another example of this type. Neat find Regards Larry
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    Although Spitzer is not an often seen dagger but they can be found.
    IMO this is a parts daggers, i have seen plenty of RZM Spitzers but all had nickel plated steel scabbard fittings and were painted.
    The non marked early hanger fits this anodised scabbard, but certainly not the late RZM dagger.
    I would search for a dagger that leaves no room for questions like this one, they are plenty RZM's out there for good prices.


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    Thanks Ger, I bought it sometime ago and I believe the price I paid was kind of fair, 350 Euros, what do you think?, in the future I will ask you guys before hand I venture to buy a new SA dagger, thanks, Juan

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