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SA Dagger FDICK maker

Article about: So, after about 2 hours of running around like a chicken with his head cut off I was able to get back to the gun show and purchase the dagger! Thank you all for the advice . Originally I was

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    Dramos you can buy it on ebay, worth every penny mate i usually apply mine with a soft cloth and gently rub it on, i put it on all of the dagger grip included, it's great for when you have the dagger in hand and unknowingly people "spit" when they talk over the dagger, and when it is put back in the scabbard the spit takes a hold and scar's the blade with black "spit spiders" and almost impossible to remove ,
    any more questions matey dont hesitate to ask on here we all love the same thing ...........DAGGERS & SWORDS!!!!
    hope this helps, cheers Ronnie

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    you did extremely well Dramos!!

    i would have done the same, buy it as soon as you can say SOLD!!!!
    Renwax ( cristalline wax) is very easy to use, just put a little on a soft cloth and put it on ( dont forget to clean the dagger before you do!)
    I normally wait a minute or 2 and then polish it a bit with a soft cloth, till the normal color shine comes back, no more is needed.

    I bought mine on the internet, its not that easy to purchase in Holland.

    Have fun with this great piece of history!

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    Darn Ronnie you type faster then i do... LOL

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    Appreciate the replies guys! Very much needed as I have never applied any sort of wax to the blades I have. What is the best way to clean it prior to applying the wax?

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    Would you suggest the "pre-lim" product that is sold by the sellers of Renaissance wax?

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    Quote by gerrit View Post
    Darn Ronnie you type faster then i do... LOL
    Ha ha sorry Ger here is a pic for reference Dramos
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SA Dagger FDICK maker  

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    Just added it to my ebay "watch" list .

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    Hello Dramos,
    I normally clean mine with products like "Flitz" or "Autosol". Any fine polishing paste for jewelry or similar will do though. Be careful around the etching, do not allow the polish to go into the etch. Do not polish it, just clean it. Use small amounts and always go in the direction of any cross graining. When you are ready to use the wax, remember, a small amount goes a long way. Put a little dab on the cloth and rub gently, wait a few minutes and buff off.
    Hope this helps,
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    Default Re: SA Dagger FDICK maker


    Glad you snapped up that SA

    As the guys have suggested Renwax ect will protect the blade/fittings, please remember not to rub/polish into the motto as this will take away the black burnishing out of the letters, infact i wouldnt put any wax on the motto at all, JMO.

    Regards Mac 66.

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    Default Re: SA Dagger FDICK maker

    Thanks for the info guys! I will be making the investment to keep the dagger in tip top shape

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