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SA Dagger I just picked up today!

Article about: I got this at a militaria show over the hill. I got a fair deal on it.

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    Don't over-tighten the nut Dean, as you might split the wood or have
    chips flake off where the crossguards meet the grip if it's under a lot
    of pressure. I have two that were reefed down too much and are
    now missing chunks.

    So, maybe it was banged or dropped somewhere along the way.
    Personally, I still like this one and don't see any problems with it.
    It only takes a millisecond to accidentally remove a little extra
    wood on a belt sander - or even by hand.........


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    I never saw this thread before.
    Congrats Dean!
    I might be inclined to try to straighten the tang. This part of the blade is not normally hardened and can probably be straightened by finding a nut or possibly using some heavy leather to act as a buffer and using gentle hammer taps to straighten it.
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    Thanks Steve I have never over tightened it. I finger tighten it until i feel resistance, then i stop.
    I have seen some that have been though, as you said.
    I believe you are correct about it having been dropped on the pommel at one point. There's evidence of it on the nut.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SA Dagger I just picked up today!   SA Dagger I just picked up today!  

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    Other than the tang being bent which caused a chain reaction of issues with this dagger i see nothing wrong with this maker. I have seen worse fits on RZM daggers and being accepted as legit...and also a few early makers with a high lift grip above the lower crossguard. There are 3 known makers that soley made grips and distributed them to those in need of them. Some producers made their own. Hartkopf IMO probably was not one of this maker leans more towards the smaller maker and rarely seen dagger type. Haco and August Bickel..are known for their oak are the 3 suhl makers..but on the Haco and Bickel examples...other wood type grips have been encountered. Does this disqualify them from being authentic because their lack of oak grips....No!....yet the alternate grips were still made to fit exactly to the crossguards and for the Haco grips..were still internally number painted. Would I add one of these types to my collection....No I would not..but personal preference of what is seen by what I collect. To each their those who collect unissued examples.

    I would advise against bending the tang..or anything else..which might damage the dagger due to the dexterity of the steel over the last 75 yrs. Regards Larry
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    Default SA

    Thanks for the feedback, Gentlemen RBminis had me thinking for a minute about trying to bend the tang back. After a minute or so (and a vodka drink) , I thought it would be very precarious and even unwise, due to the high temperament of the steel. If it cracked in the process, I would probably get out ONE bullet and my Mosin(not really, but I would be pissed off at myself) . I was also considering using my vice and wrapping thick cloth around the threads, but again , I don't even want to risk it.

    Larry, thanks, that's some very great info I can understand where you are coming from about not wanting to collect a dagger with concerns as this one. This one pretty much fell in my lap at a military show for a great price, so I couldn't turn it down. It was just one of those things, I guess. I also just found out another fellow forum member once owned this very dagger! I've yet to tell him I have it now. Kind of strange, since I didn't buy it online, but rather close to where I live.

    I'll be posting more images of this SA , so it can be studied for future reference.

    Thanks again , guys

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    Default Crossguard/blade fit

    Here are a few more images of the lower crossguard/blade fit that were requested.
    Please note the slight bend of the tang end, this causes a an illusion that its a parts dagger, which it is not!.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SA Dagger I just picked up today!   SA Dagger I just picked up today!  

    SA Dagger I just picked up today!   SA Dagger I just picked up today!  

    SA Dagger I just picked up today!   SA Dagger I just picked up today!  

    SA Dagger I just picked up today!  

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    For what you paid i think you got a great deal, i'd be more than happy with it!....
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

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    Thanks as always, Gunny!
    I just got a PM from another member asking me to post some more images of the parts fit, so I happily obliged. I hope this was of some help to said member, and I'd love to see the other Hartkopf you're (said member) interested in. Also, does it have a Gruppe mark?

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