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SA Dagger OK?

Article about: Hello from Ukraine. Prompt for origenal ? I was told that on this forum many experts on the cold steel of the Reich. Sorry for my language

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    Good point Larry. Be nice if people could leave well enough alone!! Too many tinker with these fine collector items for no reason. Worse still are 98k rifle stocks that were sanded and had new finishes applied. Not worth much back in the 50s or 60s but these days untouched examples bringing big bucks from collectors.

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    A decent and honest later SA. From the looks of the grip, I would say that this one was pretty much unissued. Whatever handling has been done to it was done, no doubt, by the GI that brought it back with him-probably the same one that took it apart and sharpened the blade with what looks to have been a wet stone. Nicely done, but shouldn't have been...but who knew back then? At any rate, there's nothing major wrong with it-it's a nice piece. Well found!
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    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Thank you. I am very grateful to those who responded to my question . My doubts were scatter . Yes, this is my first dagger , and not the last

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    Looks good IMO. I do agree with Larry that the dagger appears to have been opened... The screw on the bottom fitting shows this as well.

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    [QUOTE=dijuce;1650210]Thank you. I am very grateful to those who responded to my question .

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