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SA dagger at pawn shop today. Are they really worth a lot?

Article about: I don't know anything about daggers and I saw this at a pawn shop today, are these really 750 Bucks?. I think it is real, It has the feel. I took a few photos and I was just wondering. I thi

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    The extremely poor condition of this piece dramatically reduces it's value. With the large split in the grip,the shaggy shape the blade is in, etc. I wouldn't see anything more than $200 value. And, unlike decent daggers, it will not be rising in value over time.

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    Oh I wasn't planning on getting that one, that's for sure, I was just surprised how much this stuff cost, or what someone is willing to sell it for

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    You can get a near mint one for that price
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    Yeah, there's plenty out there, all sizes and shapes so to speak... They probably made more SA daggers (possibly millions) than any other single dagger in the Reich?

    I might even be right about this.

    I still think they are a must have for Third Reich collectors, because of the history.

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    Many newer collectors do not understand that there were over five million members of the SA and all had a dagger. They are very common. I would never put any money into a dagger in such rough condition. For the asking price, you can find a nice early minty dagger with the leather hanger and belt loop. With a common item, it is never wise to buy something in rough condition as the resale value is depreciated by bad condition.


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    Good advice from all members thus far. As a guide, I paid much less than $750 for an early SA example only 2-3 years ago from a well known dealer with an enviable reputation in edged weapons.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    MAP is online now


    Quote by MrPotts View Post
    Oh I wasn't planning on getting that one, that's for sure, I was just surprised how much this stuff cost, or what someone is willing to sell it for
    I'm not surprised. It's at a pawn shop. The owner probably has no idea what they are worth and sees a "Nazi" dagger and slaps a price on it. Plus he probably has no idea that condition, maker rarity, etc. heavily impacts the value.
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    Typically, those guys don't have a clue, and often try to charge more than brand new retail for used stuff. Impulse buying without doing homework will lead to serious cases of buyers remorse... but not always.

    I bought a Shin Gunto off the wall of a pawn shop, it was hanging up with the "fantasy swords", don't remember exactly but probably didn't pay more than $100 for it.

    Different pawn shop once, I bought a Vietnam Benrus Type II for $8. Damn I wish I had never sold that, very cool watch and worth $1200 all day long now.

    Most everything will be overpriced, and sometimes they have a gem that is totally underpriced, but unfortunately... I don't think an SA dagger will ever be that item. And like MAP says, all manner of details such as rarity, condition, etc will be completely lost on them.

    People look up asking prices on the net, find one they like and apply it to their item, that's all the homework they need to do.

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