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SA Dagger for review

Article about: Hi everyone. I'm looking to possibly purchasing my first SA dagger from a local dealer for 0. I have been doing alot of research but would greatly appreciate any opinions on its authenticity

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    There is more power in an Early SA dagger due to the movement of thugs that placed Hitler into Power..than what the SS had overcome the SA in Power and Prominence.
    The craft and quality is all there in the early daggers...yet the SA was still an important tool in the Anschluss of Austria..and during the 1938 Kristallnacht ( Night of the broken Glass )..smashing all business store windows and destruction of Jewish property.

    After that ..when the invasion of Poland came around in 1939...the use of the SA and its force of thugs..needed to be redirected and placed into the Armed forces..and until the end of the war....since the SS had already created a new type of fear in the citizens and enemies of the Reich...there were only some SA left guards,, or functionaries ...parades etc. The teeth of the Lion had been pulled.

    The RZM daggers due to the the necessity of precious metals for the war production..resulted in the use of cheaper materials and with some producers quality in construction was lacking...meaning poorly fitted or plating lifting off of the fittings..unlike the nickel guards of the early days.

    I agree with Mac66.......

    Quote by Mac 66 View Post
    iF you can find a minty RZM SA with full plating left on the crossguards & scabbard fittings for around $600 it would be a great addition to your collection, personally i prefer an early SA with solid nickle fittings & a quality made maker marked blade, take your time in buying the dagger you want, look for the best conditioned for your cash limit. Mac 66.
    I would consider the Mid period dating from 1936 -1939 for with some producers..some quality and craft remained. Eickhorn was a great source during those days when materials were lesser in quality..but they made the best of it..and still produced something decent.

    Into 1940 the quality got very sparse..and most producers dropped off the map as their once glorious company logo and Identity had been reduced to an RZM control number. Most did not know who the producers were during the period..and even into modern day..unless one can check the RZM permit list seen pinned at the top of ever subforum here in the Edged Weapons forum.

    I like the stereo sound equipment that "Bose" produces..and I like to tell people how great it is for an average room that gives good sound..its all in the name..but people wuld not know who I was talking about when I would say...I have a great stereo system by RZM 1234...... o_O Huh??

    Not trying to sway you into the early period stuff..but want you to have an understanding of the amount of power and energy that are in the early daggers becuase of its early history. The Mid to late stuff are good..if thats hat you study..but dont collect these things if they just look cool.

    Study the history..which i cant say enough..and you will realize you got more for the money you spent. The SA were scary people during scary times

    SA Dagger for review

    When these guys marched up your was the beginning of the end of all good things for the citizens of Germany.

    Study the history and teach it

    Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

    “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” - Winston Churchill

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    larry c you have a really good point about there being more history behind the early maker marked daggers. I started collecting from both world wars based on my interest in the history and the history behind the items. So, its definitely given me something to think about. Maybe I should do like Mac66 said and save my money for now, and take my time and find the right piece. if anyone knows any more reputable dealers I should take a look at, please let me know. thanks everybody for the advice!!

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    It is always a solid good idea to buy Quality when it can be done. Even if it is not intended for resale, the early materials and high standards of production will always shine through. A good rule of thumb has always been "Buy as Good as you can Afford". Should the unthinkable ever happen and you need to part with it, you'll be thankful that you did.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Quote by MStinnett View Post
    Thanks everyone for the replies. Honestly I'm just looking for a decent priced SA dagger to display in my collection. I know early marker marked seem to be more collectable and in turn have a higher value. But I'm not really looking at the resale value as this will probably be in my collection for the rest of my life. Do u guys think maybe a Rzm dagger would be a better first time option for me? Seems that you can kinda get more bang for your buck so to speak as far as condition. Thanks again!!

    Please do not even consider that...i would not favour a RZM in any way.
    Go for the early one all the way, thats when history was made....the SA lost its power already when the RZM SA daggers ones came on the market.
    Go for a quality build early one!!

    I would pay 525 dollars tops for this one, but he...i might be a bit spoiled after owning a few...


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