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SA Dagger RZM M7/9 SMF Questions

Article about: I just picked up this SMF dagger of the SA variety. Seems like an original to me but always want the experts to weigh in. A couple of interesting things about this one... 1. The M7/9 SMF eng

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    Default SA Dagger RZM M7/9 SMF Questions

    I just picked up this SMF dagger of the SA variety. Seems like an original to me but always want the experts to weigh in. A couple of interesting things about this one...

    1. The M7/9 SMF engraving has no date below it. The only other examples I've seen have 1941-42 below the RZM circle. Any way to date this?

    2. The paint on the scabbard looks black underneath the brown. I tried to show it turned on its side in one of the images. What might cause this? Post war paint job? Covering an NSKK?

    3. The wooden handle is ever so slightly loose. I've never taken down an SA but I'm guessing I gently unscrew the nut at the top and it will come apart?

    As always, thank you for sharing your knowledge in this fascinating hobby!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    RZM markings came to be late in '35. I can't help you with the year of your piece though.


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    Looks a very nice dagger. If anything, you might tighten
    the nut a little to see if that will fix the problem with the
    loose grip if it's bothering you.
    Be careful not to tighten it up too much, because
    tightening can put stress on the wood and
    might cause it to chip.........


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    Yeah good point. Really, I just figured if I was messing with the bolt, I might as well see how to take one apart. Any thoughts on the paint? Thanks for the help.

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    Might be an NSKK that was painted over, but from here
    it looks like it was done a quite a while ago.........


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    An out of the woodwork Stoecker and Company SMF (Solinger Metallwarenfabrik GmBH, Stoecker & Co) SA dagger. Looks to be a Mid-Period(1936-37) but it could be just my eyes. From the photos, the shine to the finish almost looks more like an anodized sheath than a painted one. The "black paint" could be just remnants of the lacquer coating. Anodized sheaths ceased production about 1937-38. Abit odd that it does not have a date beneath the RZM marking.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Yes that is a bit of an oddity,not having the date beneath the RZM. Alot of possibilities existed..and maybe one that slipped through. These have been around..and have been seen but yet a rarity. A small production run is possible. IMO I would date this dagger around the beginning of the Late Period of 1939..due to the type of wood grip being used.

    I agree with William..the scabbard appears anodized..which have may been an SA and painted over black ..which was worn off? Something that needs to be examined in hand. Thumb tighten the screw if you can..which should be enough. I feel you have a rare RZM variant..which is highly collectable if collecting these Late types. This would go well with the 1941-42 variants also if acquired. Nice find ! Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

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    Thanks Larry. Our Militaria show is always thanksgiving weekend so I will get some hands on opinions in a few weeks. Pretty exciting that I may have found one that is an anomaly.

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    I think this one dates just after the transitional period so late 1938-1940

    Its not odd that this one hasnt been dated, in 1938-1940 alot of RZM makers didnt date their blades (see examples below)
    Like this WKC 7/42, they can be dated the same period, even the blades logo style is similar.
    SMF has used a lot of Alu guards in 1937/ 1938 with nickel plated or even nickel fittings
    i show you a SMF with alu guards and Black enamel scabbard ( clear to see the black of the scabbards is different).
    It just misses the shine the NSKK scabbards have, its more dull.
    The scabbard is painted over a black paint ( not anodised) i had several Sa's like this.
    The brown easily comes off with a finger nail.....i show you an example below.
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