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SA-Dagger Wagner&Lange,Solingen

Article about: Hi, I also have the possibility to buy one more SA dagger for 670 Euro. Okay price?

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    Default SA-Dagger Wagner&Lange,Solingen


    I also have the possibility to buy one more SA dagger for 670 Euro. Okay price?

    SA-Dagger Wagner&Lange,SolingenSA-Dagger Wagner&Lange,SolingenSA-Dagger Wagner&Lange,SolingenSA-Dagger Wagner&Lange,Solingen

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    This dagger looks at first glance good and Original with nice anodization on the scabbard. But the guards and scabbard fittings have been recently cleaned. also is the SA rune turned in the handle, looks a little strange.Gruppe mark WM is not what you expected at this maker but it fits well and looks good. This maker has about 7000 daggers made and has a rarity rating 7.
    that's my opinion.

    Regards Rafael

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    I would have thought you'd want the SA button straight if your paying all that.


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    If one takes a peek inside the top of an SA grip..all that the runes button is retained by is just a pin ! Nothing more.

    We tend to see these slight movements on SS daggers ranging from 6 oclock all the way to 8 oclock. This runes button is very extreme which may be due to contraction of the wod..which the runes button can be moved by a thumb or finger.

    The guards have me at odds..which the flash tends to give the wrong impression . They just dont look like the early nickel type. The dagger has been opened.

    I would like to see this dagger under a more natural light..without the flash. Regards Larry
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    Bad pics for evaluations Mr. Viking
    Blades is very important for the proper pricetag.
    I dont know what happend to the blade but looking at the part on the left of the maker mark its not making my collectors heart beat any faster.
    This price would have pretty well if the blade would have been in better condition, now its overpriced IMO

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    Btw...please put the dagger in the scabbard properly, hanger should be on the right side ( topside) of the dagger, otherwise Ade will put you over his knee

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