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SA Dagger - Worth Buying?

Article about: Hello Everyone, I've been looking to buy a SA Dagger for a while. I've been offered this one for 350 euro. What worries me is the blade - its marked ( I've marked a couple on the pictures wi

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    nice mate you must have a very nice collection i have yet to buy one of these type of daggers i only have a heer dagger just now but one day....

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    I can tell you its real the price im not sure of the circle emblem is real

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    Hi Everyone,
    I finally got my first SA dagger actually a NSKK dagger. Not in the same pristine condition as the ones you've posted, but a lot better than the first one I posted at the start of the thread.
    Last weekend I was at the Military Fair in Gunzenhausen, its predominately a medals fair with a bit of equipment thrown in. I did however meet a dealer who I know a little - he offered me two daggers NSKK (which I bought) and a Red Cross Hewer both priced at 450 euro. The condition of the NSKK was better and had the hanging strap, so I took it, I've not given up on the red cross hewer, I know they are rarer and command a higher price, this one has no frog, but does the condition which is rougher match up to the price and how easy is to find a frog ? I'll post pictures later in the meantime here's the NSKK dagger photos.
    Best Wishes
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SA Dagger - Worth Buying?   SA Dagger - Worth Buying?  

    SA Dagger - Worth Buying?   SA Dagger - Worth Buying?  

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    Red Cross Hewer pictures - What bothers me is wear on the dagger. The front - eagle on cross (cross has heavy wear) the blade has damaged spots which have been polished up - what do members think asking price 450 euro reflects condition, worth buying ?. Ones in better condition usually retail for 700 euro up.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SA Dagger - Worth Buying?   SA Dagger - Worth Buying?  

    Attached Images Attached Images SA Dagger - Worth Buying? SA Dagger - Worth Buying? 

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    Hi Alec, the NSKK is nice and I think was a good buy.

    But I would certainly pass on the Red Cross Hewer. The condition issues really go against it and I think the price is too much. The are not really very sought after by many collectors (But personally I really like them) so only get one in good condition.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Hi Alech nice NSKK ther M8 maker is Franz Frezel, Nixdorf (Sudetenland) if you dont already know, nice buy that one i am am with Ade on the red cross its had a bit of a hard life there and i think you should be able to pick one up in much better condition for what the guy is asking money wise, thanx for showing Ronnie

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    sorry i meant to also say if you are looking at the red cross hewer they are prone to crack across the eagle on line with the cross guard .....just a little thing to look out for when buying one cheers,

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    Alec are the crossguards solid nickle or nickle plated pot metal based ??? the scabbard fittings look like solid nickle too??, should be nickle plated for a late RZM SA dagger unless it is a Transitional period dagger. Dont touch that Red cross EM Hewer its a peice of crap!!!
    Regards Scott.

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    Hi Gentlemen,
    Thanks everyone for the sound advice on the red cross hewer - looking at the pictures now, later and in the cold light of day, I don't know what I was thinking about - trouble is I see something new (to me at least) with a swazy on it and I lose all normal rational judgment and I want it immediately regardless of the condition, only a couple of days later when the buying euphoria has died down and rational thinking kicks back in, do I realize what a idiot I've been. I must learn to have patience.
    Scott, I think the cross-guards & scabbard fittings are solid nickel, no sign of the plating missing. Where does that leave the dagger early, middle, late model ?
    Thanks everyone for the advice

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    Alec i have my doubts about this RZM NSKK dagger as all the fittings are solid nickle & the scabbard looks like an early re-paint to black from brown when the NSKK decided to paint there scabbards black to be different from the SA, It could be put together with the nice condition RZM blade made to fit by filing the blade where it fits into the bottom crossguard as the origional blade could have been in poor condition, either that or it is seldom seen variation with all nickle fittings but it usually just the crossguards that are solid nickle & the scabbard fittings are plated, check this info out here below
    Regards Scott.

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