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SA Dienstdolch

Article about: yep i gess that what it is you may be right on that,

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    My advice would be to look at other dagger threads on the forum and copy the photography there. Nobody can really comment with the current pic.

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    yea i just cleaned the part with the number

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    Photos are worth a thousand words that you could not possibly explain yourself, as this was the reason why you came here in the first place,, to ask for our help. So that no more doubt is cast please post a few more photos if you even have this in your possession. Numbers mean nothing as anyone can quote a number. As I stated before most SA numbers are untraceable,, so hopefully your next post will be of at least 1 or more photos. There is a reason why some stores and businesses put a sign in their window that says "No Solicitation" Since you cleaned the part the dagger must be in your possession as is the camera you took it with ....Please help us here SniperJohn as we can not offer more than we already said. Regards Larry

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    i have to use a cell phone to take pics,,there pain in a but sometimes,let me try to take some

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    SA DienstdolchSA DienstdolchSA DienstdolchSA Dienstdolchhere are the pics

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    i hope this helps

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    Can you read anything on the blade? Any other marks on the crossguards aside from the numbers? Something like Nm, Sa, Fr etc. Or you might see a marking like I, II, or III

    I don't think it is the SA honour dagger as we first thought, but a more common SA or possibly SS dagger.

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    let me look

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    i think i see looks like a I the blade is sharpen all over

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    If there is a 'I' mark, that would suggest SS. Or at least the crossguard is. That makes much better sense with the bulge story, I can see an SS man taking this with him. I hope it turns out to be a good one.

    You really need a good digital camera though matey

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