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SA Dienstdolch

Article about: yep i gess that what it is you may be right on that,

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    yep i gess that what it is you may be right on that,

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    Quote by sniperjohn View Post
    yep i gess that what it is you may be right on that,
    I wouldn't call it a positive ID, just an informed suggestion. Could turn out to be a 15 year old Spanish fake somebody buried in their garden for a winter

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    Strange, there does not seem to be a motto on the blade,
    or any maker marks. Also, it may just be the poor
    photos, but the blade looks rather slim.........


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    while being thrown on detail in detmote germany after bde 76 our little band of brothers were assiogned a leaf raking detail and we spent the better part of the morning raking and bull shitting around. looking at the rather large shrubs growing along the side of the kassern ( wich was former ss cavalry by the way) there seemed to be gathering of some of the men on detail after walking over i being the corpral in charge i see one of my detail sodats holding the remnants of a very decrepted rusted dagger. after a quick whipe and water spray it looked like a ss issue dagger so i believe no way is that a dig find this was in 1976. Ps was he lucky well i think so

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    whom ok,well the guy i got it from is in dusty state of airowzona

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    the blades are very sharped all sratch up real bad,,,

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    It's too far gone really, but I'm leaning towards a fake or possibly a rework
    because there is nothing marked on the blade at all. A 'GI' could have
    turned it into a fighting knife, but even in this poor condition you
    should still be able to see some remaining etching, unless it was
    completely obliterated.........


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    The blade handle looks like it was made from a 2 by 4 board,and painted with furniture stain.!

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    Hi Sniper John!! Thank you so much greatly for posting the photos and my apologies to push you for it. Due to the quality of the very first posted photo,, I was under the assumption it was a "Christmas dagger" My mistake,,sorry about that. I cant say for sure if its authentic or not in the present state its in. Looks SS and if there is a District mark I on it it is another possibility. The guards look like Eickhorn. By the looks of the Grip eagle being the late variety RZM of cheap metal. The runes button hole is either clogged with dirt or it is not drilled through. So much to assume since I can not see it physically. As was said there is no motto or makers logo to be seen. IMO I am leaning more on the side of it being authentic,,only if there was a motto present,, but in the condition it is in,,, it would be personal choice to keep it,, but would be worth nothing in its present state if you would try to sell it. Larry

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    only mark i can see is I,if that helps

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