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SA Dienstdolch

Article about: yep i gess that what it is you may be right on that,

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    Please do not take this personal, im trying to help, but here are my 2 cents:

    As far as i can see its a cheap repro/ copy.
    The dagger has a leather buffer, the grip is way off line, it just doesnt fit at all.
    by no means this would ever pass the strict german buiders code.
    I cant understand that hardly anyone questions this poor fake.

    let it rust in your garden and overnight it becomes genuine?
    then i would suggest to start with better material then this one.
    It has al the signs of a cheap fake, with at its best a few, although i cant point them out.

    I wouldn't keep it even when it was for free...


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    Please members why are spending so much time on a repro rusty piece??Yes we are here to help,but i am getting an uneasy feeling on this thing and i know i will get a few remarks on this post,but lets move on and get to other posts and prehaps help another new guy! GOOD replies but lets move on fellows.Carl

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    Looks like a really bad copy to me guy's look at the grip eagle and and the blade ???, to me that says it all
    cheers Ronnie

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    The eagle on the handle looks really bad, like most fake eagle's.


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    While I’m in agreement that it’s time to move on - the example here is a good illustration of why the supposed provenance “stories”: the barn, the attic, behind a wall in Berlin, “from the hands of the living vet” (etc. etc.) all have to be taken with a very large grain of salt.

    Because what we can see is: a leather washer, a pot metal eagle with a bright surface finish - along with a nickel plated copper(?) cross guard, an undersized blade with no discernible markings, and an unknown type of wood grip with an unusual way of shrinking. Nothing personal - but in other words it looks like postwar junk to me. FP
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SA Dienstdolch  

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    Well said frogprince.

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    This dagger is fake. As pointed out there is padding where the blade/cross gaurd meet and the eagle has the squared off wings. Probably dug up in a spanish garden.

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