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SA Dienstdolch

Article about: yep i gess that what it is you may be right on that,

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    Default SA Dienstdolch

    i got this from a digger he says was he got it next to the where the battle of the bulge was at,,heres a pic SA Dienstdolch

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    there numbers on the other side i can read,i wonder who it was issue too

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    Hi SniperJohn,, great name,, Im not one into stories into how it was found,, which the story told does have its possibilities as being a "dig find",, but the photo of the dagger in hand is an Ultra rare Christmas SA dagger that was first introduced On Christmas 1933 and awarded only to the High leaders of the SA. The first version dagger had the 1929 style eagle on the grip and a Gothic font type used on the motto "Alles fur Deutchland" the second variation was the same font type but the commonly seen eagle on all SA/ SS daggers until the end of the war. The font type was changed as of very early 1934 the commonly seen Font was used until the end of the war. Unfortunately I do not have any supporting photos in my digital library and my scanner is not functioning to where I can scan a photo from my reference library of the "Christmas dagger". Can you post a few more photos and i can give you a better assessment of what it could possibly be worth?
    The dig find story is very possible as this could of been carried by someone and dropped into oblivion until it was found. The dagger has nothing to do with the battle of the bulge. Unfortunately also most SA numbers on a dagger can not be traced,, unless it has a unit marking with the owners name on it. A number by itself on a standard SA dagger will be hard to research,, but this dagger belonged to some one in an honorable status has its possibilities. Post more photos please!! regards Larry

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    I own a late eagle Christmas dagger by Pack. I think Pack and Eickhorn were the only makers of this dagger. Without seeing the actual 'early' A inscription it is impossible to know what this is unless there is some way to blow up the pictures and get a close look that I am unaware of. I understand that only 200 of these full Rohm SA's were give by Ernst Rohm himself to the first recipients. It would be very interesting to see more of your dagger and the blade motto. It looks like a Pack from the crossguard fittings.


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    What concerns me is the dig storie, if you talk about digging on battlefields as reffered to the battle of the bulge, then i have my doubts about this dagger.
    The search would be with a metal detector, conclusion: this dagger would at least be 40 years under the ground.
    I searched on the battlefields for more then 30 years with all kinds of detectors.
    i have found weapons all over europe on battlefields, and i can tell you one thing: this dagger is no such find.
    With only one picture visible its hard to tell anything about this dagger.
    Please make decent pictures of both sides and we will tell what we know


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    Gerrit is right!! sorry about that ,, as it makes sense after being underground,, there would be some kind of corrosion and deterioration,,, or is was this a dig find on April Fools day

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    More pics, please

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    Default re: SA Dienstdolch

    Condition looks more like a barn find. Dry and slow rust. Looking forward to more pics of this one....

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    Underground that length of time the blade would be crusty and the handle would have problems from rain and seppage.Eagle also would have corrosion.Photo is not at all a very good one,need closeups but that is not a dug up piece IMO.

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    i only can go by what the guy told me,but a barn find seem more better,,heres the number 8 or 3 27813, it has 2 banded lines

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