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SA Dienstdolch ( louper )

Article about: I buy this dagger LOUPER maker I think the scabbard is not good for this dagger It is painted and metal parts resembles those on RZM The intérieu clip is yellow your opinion top photo, the r

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    I'm afraid that from my own perspective I have to agree with Larry and William. Called by some collectors "tarted up" the dagger has been reworked along with replacement parts (and there is no guarantee that a more correct scabbard will fit well). With one other thing that I see being some possible forced fitting (or over tightening) with the grip. With the trade off in condition/originality versus scarcity being one that a purchaser has to make - that could cause some trouble down the road when and if it's upgraded or sold. Best Regards, Fred
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    thank guys !

    parts of the guard not magnetic

    if you have to put a price on that dagger ? what would it be ?

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    Pierre, this one as stated above has some issues.
    Its not that simple to get a anodised scabbard that would fit.
    The curve of the throat should be a 100% fit with the crossguard, and there are quite a lot of diffeent shapes out there.
    Then there is a strange fact that some just cant be exchanged with others, they simply dont fit.
    A lot of folks overlook that fact and buy scabbards that wont fit the blade.
    This grip also suffers a bit of pressure flaking by a tight top nut and moistured envirement, imo it does not have replaced parts of wood, but only some pressure flaking.
    This one would be sellable for 600 dollar tops, i would for sure not buy it for more then 500 dollars, but thats just my opinion.
    I Always prefer quality OVER rarity........


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    Repainted scabbard.

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    I returned the dagger

    Thank you all for your help

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