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SA Gottfried Müller

Article about: Hallo guys, I am going to purchase this very nice minty SA dagger by Gottfried Muller, wich belonged to Rafael(member here) some time ago. I have one final question before i agree to bring t

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    Your question about the paint weither it is factory applied or not is quite easy: its not.
    This is not a transitional one but a true early one which should have an anodised one.

    I have had plenty transitionals & even RZM SA daggers and if they had an old lacquer on them they had either the spidering in the lacquer or they easily flaked, in lots of cases the lacquer is so brittle after 80 years that they flake.

    Look for damage and age of the paint, if it looks new it will be new.
    The dagger itself is a beauty, but this scabbard will be reflected in its price.


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    i did not buy the dagger, it is still for sale and if someone is interested just mail me and ill bring you in contact with the seller.

    price 900 euro

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    Hi Job,
    Just curious, what made you decide not to buy this dagger?

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    The blade is in amazing condition... Has the handle been varnished, old varnish that is coming off?

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    Hi Frank,

    The blade on this dagger is just a beauty, even on other minty pieces you will have a hard time fiding one like this(look al the dark motto^^). The value is in the blade for the biggest part. But i like to collect a piece that has more then a good blade(this one is near perfect). Even though this is a beauty i really like to own daggers that look like they are completly factory made( not tekstbook, But like they came from the factory).

    Second reason, You can only spent it once. If i buy a perfect dagger i want to be able to sell it the next Day(right price ofc). I would really like a nice SA dagger, but dont want to give up that ss dagger that i might find the next morning.

    I was hoping that the paint was factory applied, it could still be ofc(not likely). We just don't know.

    This is still is a very good dagger!!

    Regards, job

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