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SA or NSKK Dienstdolch?

Article about: Hi guys! im all new to this forum but as my collecting have been taking form to a whole different stage in other words much more serious then before when i just collect stuff like EK2 and KV

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    Daniel, only to those of us who know what they have in their hands when they pick one up. I have cleaned out the SOS show every year starting a few years ago. They usually are not more expensive as most have no idea or just don't get 'turned on' by that marking. I personally like the fact that if the numbers are in there, on the grip and one of the cross guards (sometimes the top one and sometimes the bottom one) you know it has always been together. Often, I am the first one to see the numbers since the assembler put it together. Therin lies the fun!

    Oh, yes B was for Berlin. Some collectors felt that the HACO mark was a distributor and not a maker.


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    Hi Daniel.,, I know all this information is very overwhelming for someone starting out,, but you came to the right place as there are alot of knowledgeable people here to guide you in the right direction. We would be pleased once you receive your dagger that you would share with us a few photos of it so that we also may share in the same excitement as you. The Haco SA is a very desirable maker among SA collectors and it is a nice accent to any collection. Haco is known for their thin crossguards and the handwritten numbers inside the guards as Mark says. As you delve into this realm of collecting SA NSKK or SS daggers you will see different anomalies with the different makers. ie: crossguards grips eagles mottos ect. There is an old saying.."If you seen one you seen them all"...NOT SO as in this field of collecting as it makes it all the worth while of the hunt.This si one of the big reasons why that it can be so addicting,, as you can see in KingTiger Marks collection Thats the fun part,,, and like a vampire once you get an SA into your hands,, your hunger will escalate! Dagger fever as its called, will over take your collecting thoughts. Like a bag of Potato chips,, your gonna want more!. The Haco company solely made daggers for Berlin,, and is thought to be a distributor and not a maker as some have said. That has been a topic of conversation and debate for many years,, but the bottom line ,, the Haco dagger is a beauty to behold. Best regards Larry

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    Oh wow! thanks for your input and knowledge about these daggers. is there any numbers on how many were produced by all makers?


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    There are no exact production numbers as the larger firms produced more than the smaller firms. The SA itself was 3 million strong and some of the SA men were absorbed into the NSKK. The order came down from SA High command, that those who were transferred into the NSKK, must either buy a black scabbard OR Paint their scabbard black which is more commonly seen with the early examples. It was more cost effective to paint their own scabbard then spend the extra money to go and buy another scabbard. When collecting NSKK daggers ...rarely one will encounter a black anodized scabbard,, which is frequently seen on some early SS makers. Rare to see bit nice to have one of these.
    Production numbers are based on what are seen in percentages only in todays time and only by how many have been seen since the end of the war. These numbers began to calculate when some of the returning vets began to pass away,and came out of the attics and basements of their homes. Much was found even in Germany and to this day daggers are being found under steps or rafters of old houses. Most SA collectors know that the larger firms produced more as more of them are commonly seen. Eickhorn and EP&S are the 2 big ones. For the smaller makers the percentage was smaller and this calculation was based only on sightings only of how many were seen in the last 25 years. Some new collectors will be confused that according to some dagger maker lists that the smaller makers only made 1000 daggers. These lists that show these numbers made are inaccurate and again this theory must be taken into consideration that what has been seen today are mostly from the American and British occupying forces that liberated these beauties. One must not forget that the Russians also had there hands in the treasure chest and also went home with some souvenirs. Most of what the Russians took never surfaced in "sightings" so the assumption of 1000 daggers made is not true, in my opinion.
    To make along story short and to answer your question,, there are no exact numbers,, but there were alot of them. There is a wide divide between the early and late made daggers as the craftmanship and materials used changed drastically,, and by the end of the war Most SA, SS and NSKK daggers,, showed a difference between Nickel silver and plated types that chipped away or corroded easier. I myself prefer the early examples, as the History of the early struggle is there during 1933-34.
    An old car from the 1950s-60s is a great example as they were made of steel,, but as times changed so did the materials, and those same auto makers are now using Fiberglass and charging double the price. A car made of steel will do great damage to a fiberglass car. Something I dont want to ever encounter. Regards Larry

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    I can only agree with my forum friends comments.

    Just going back to the SS knot theme. I can across this last night wihile looking for something else, as you do...So I thought I would add it here. The is the official annoucment from the SS. Note it took a year to filter through to the trade magazine extract I posted earlier.

    Cheers, Ade,
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    The rules made by SS seems real hard and important on how to wear and not to wear at specific points and so on.. i think its really intresting about the knot mounting on the SS daggers and i would kill to own one for my self

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