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SOS original dagger SA?

Article about: Dear: I want to know if the dagger is original? Thanks and regards

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    I was interested in that one and wrote a question to the email address at the auction, the question was not delivered.

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    It's the same picture, there is no doubt. But the dagger is original or not?

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    The dagger is an Original early SA dagger.
    The grip to crossguards fit is very good and the guards and grip belong to the blade, they seems to be there forever.
    That it doesnt fit well in its period anodized scabbard is not that strange.
    Its the wrong way around in the scabbard.

    But you are Lucky that this forum has members from all over the world.
    So scams are detected in Europe, Southern America and so on, when same pics are used.
    Like Pawel Always does...

    Take the advise at heart, stay away from the sellers of this dagger.
    In doubt Always say you wanna pick up the dagger, even if its 800 miles away.....mostly their reacting is enough: can pick it up because.......blablabla.....


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    Ger is correct, RUN! Or you can toy with him and make him sweat. Pawel Novak has been trying this for a while on online forums as this. If its not him, it's someone of the same ilk . I suggest buying from longtime, trusted sellers and/or members from here. You might have to be a bit patient, but it's worth getting a real item for a reasonable price and from a riliable source

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    Never buy anything from someone you are not closely associated with and halfway around the world. You may as well just throw your money in your own trash can or just donate it to this forum. Take the advice from Gerrit and Dean...but I do congratulate you for bringing it here first...for other eyes to see and warn you. Many have purchased junk without study off of ebay.....and others have invested in just this one that you posted. it is so easy for anyone to steal someone elses photos and use them for resale of a pictured dagger. Stay away from this dagger..and anyone you dont know at all. Regards Larry
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    True words,those!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Hi, thank you very much to all for your opinions, am I meet with the seller and I will see the daggers directly. I will take pictures better. Tomorrow I'll see reality. Thanks and regards

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