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untouched SA Dagger

Article about: no beauty but I like the dagger it is the only sa dagger in my collection. I find sa daggers not so nice this it makes the charisma the blade is in good condition ,with with grosgrain

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    Thanks for the reply Larry. Years ago I used to collect Railroad lanterns which were made of lead tinned steel and many times they were quite rusty. It was accepted practice to dip the lanterns in a bucket of Sani-Flush toilet bowl cleaner (mixed with 5 gal.s of water) which as the label stated "removes rust stains". It did an excellent job of removing only the rust. Then after drying the lantern I would spray it down with WD40, let it dry and wipe clean. I had lantern's sitting on shelves in the basement for 10 years with no further rusting issues.
    I know i am comparing apples and oranges here and corroding nickel is a whole different issue. It is just a shame to see a great dagger such as this continue to deteriorate over time. I love Renwax and you are right that putting it over corroded metal will not do much to stop the corrosion and will dry white in the pits and may just make the parts look worse. Maybe wiping it down with WD40 or gun oil would slow the damage. Thanks, Bob

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    I have one of those lanterns also Pennsylvania RR clear glass globe tinned steel.
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

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    PRR was my favorite! Had 65 different Pennsy lanterns alone! But that was another time!

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    Great looking uncleaned dirty SA by F.Herder A.S.

    best left uncleaned & enjoy it for what it is now imo.

    Regards Mac 66.

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    I will not change anything on dagger therefore
    I like the dagger in this condition

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    Nice having at least 1 SA in Collection, it most be lonely for him next to all those lovely HJ Messer


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    Quote by gerrit View Post
    Nice having at least 1 SA in Collection, it most be lonely for him next to all those lovely HJ Messer

    yes ger
    I'm still looking for a ss dagger in this same condition.


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