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Vet Acquired SA and NSKK RZM 7/12

Article about: I bought this pair from Gottlieb in 2007. This is some text from an email to me by Craig "What is strange is that he told me he took these off of not one, but two, soldiers who were sur

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    I found these daggers identified as Weyersberg. Noticed the RZM mark is light gray. Both of my dagger's RZM marks are darkened. Could this be an indication they are in fact Kaldenbachs? I am unable to find any examples of Kaldenbachs using google.

    /sa dagger with rzm code M 7/12 WMW - Waffenfabrik Max Weyersberg, Solingen - RWmilitariaVet Acquired SA and NSKK RZM 7/12

    Here is a similar light grey backing on Whittmann's site

    Wittmann Militaria #31066 Late SA Dagger, RZM M 7/12 by WMW Waffen


    Vet Acquired SA and NSKK RZM 7/12

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    Circuit advertisement Vet Acquired SA and NSKK RZM 7/12
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    Quote by Larry C View Post
    yes the number appears differently. There are no SA producers who had dual RZM permits..that was reserved for a the SS producers only. The only thing the SA had was dual transitional logos.

    Solingen Stadt archives in Germany Biographs these producers in detail and neither of these 2 are related or shared the same RZM number. Im sure there "Might" have been business dealings in trade with these and other producers..but there is no documentation that supports they shared the same number..never seen it..and this would be a great question to ask why these 2 producers are listed on other websites including here. Which I will edit shortly. Regards Larry

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    For the record, I didn't really care who the maker was. I was trying to find out what you were basing your observation on.

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    The lighter or darker toned difference of the logo etch does not point to any specific producer,,,,alot of factors are the cause of how light they become. They come from the factory darkened..and over time and with cleaning ,the burnishing comes off. The burnishing comes off very easily. Sometimes all it takes is one cleaning..and " Poof"!!....the dagger becomes a few hundred dollars cheaper.
    Regards Larry
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    2 very nice daggers.

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    Have to agree with Harry

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    Quote by Silberkreuz View Post
    Have to agree with Harry
    at least he used 3 more words then normally....

    IMO both daggers had a repaint, the NSKK paint job is clear to see, but the SA also misses the high glossy shine that a factory lacquer has.
    When or who did it cant be said.
    Other then that they both look fine to me.


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