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Wondering where the really rough daggers are hiding? See how the other half lives... Warning, Graphic Images!

Article about: DISCLAIMER! This is for fun, but it's sad too... But if you don't have a sense of humor, just turn the page. I'm not looking to get put down for posting this stuff here, I know it's bad, I d

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    That is even sadder, I think Gunny's right, some of it sells... I realize I'm on a budget and I know roughly what I can blow on this and that, but I'm also a picky b@stard, like Larry says, price shopping. How much are you willing to spend for what is acceptable to you as an end product?

    So, if it's junk, "dead money" like Matty says, you'd have to be a really ignorant fool to spend your money. However, most collectors starts out with series of mistakes, and it probably happens that somebody buys something like the E. Pack thinking it's a treasure... I mean, look at the "combat wear" on that thing ;-)

    One thing to note is a that some of these daggers wouldn't even be worth what you paid for them in parts, they are that bad.

    The reason I mention this is there is a trend on eBay right now to part SA daggers out, really taking off lately, which is a ridiculous thing to do to make a few extra bucks. A couple sellers seem to have a steady stream of this stuff.

    $300/325/375 for a decent blade, $175-450 or more for a decent scabbard w/hanger at the high end, $175 for the "matching" crossguards and nut, but you can't sell the grips, eBay will pull the grips even if not showing the side with the "offensive" logo. Grips probably go over to Gunbroker.

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    Thx Vernichtung, you made my post worthwile, along with everyone else, I know this is sordid stuff, but thx guys ;-)

    I was wondering about this "matching numbers" business, and waiting for the impending ridicule for picking on a totally legit and rare item that I'm just too ignorant to know about... but my gut feeling was pure bs.

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    Numbers are really tricky. My Robert Klaas ss is a numberd dagger, but with no name to it yet. Not having a name to a number is always sad, on the other hand also a good indication the number is legit. With numbers you often just don`t know what is good or bad.

    I know some other collectors here own nice numbered pieces, you just have to be very careful with them and make sure the source is good. Best thing would be if you can trace it back all the way form 1945 up till now. This is ofc a long shot and the reason why untouched piece do great on the market.

    The ss daggers on gunbroker look a little better, some of them have parts in really good condition. If you buy a scabbard for instance it really needs to match the platina of the dagger and keep in mind that you need the keep the old scabbard for the value of the dagger and the historical aspect. I would not mind buying a scabbard when i keep this in mind.

    regards, Job

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    A lot of people look at the internet nowadays and see high prices. The high prices of some items let them think they own gold, while it`s mostly junk. I have some experience with this kind of thinking and militaria, but mainly see this with old motorcycles.

    It is really simple if i would give my brother one of my ISA and ask him to look up what it is worth, so he can sell it for him self. Then he will see what he wants to see, He will find a nice site and looks at the most expensive ISA and thinks wow i can get this kind of money for it. I am taking my brother here as an example, he could look further and think about it like most people would. But some people just ask prices that are unrealistic and some pay prices that are unrealistic. Guess that is life.

    As long as we collect and there is money to be made people will fake and try to take our money with tricks and lies.

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    SS attracts a different class... so it makes sense to see better stuff. Did they really only make them from '33 to '36, per the forums classification? And only a couple makers I've read, or misread?

    It's like comparing the used budget guitars with vintage Les Pauls, it's very unlikely (but still possible) to see a vintage Les Paul in really messed about condition. They have been worth so much for so long that moslty very good examples exist, and in the hands of very advanced collectors. And this is so for SS daggers.

    I only wish the old bikes were still reasonably priced, I'd love to have a big Brit thumper again, a '66 round barrel Victor to take me back 30 years... but the prices for basket cases are what the prices of decent ones use to be.

    Back to SA daggers, the reason for this extreme variance in the condition can be attributed to the sheer numbers they were made in. I never realized until just lately with more research, Larry's list of makers, Gruppe allocations, etc.

    Quite possible these were made in the millions, over a ten plus year span?

    All the same, there is something about the SA dagger that really draws me in, the colors, I love fine woodwork so the handle is a big draw vs the Black of the SS that is much less likely to show much grain and personality. Of course SS prices are out of the question for me, and as far back as I go with collecting, SS stuff has always been frought with danger, the danger of getting taken for a lot of money unless you know your stuff. Now I feel more confident, and there is the forum as a backup of course.

    The SA dagger was at the start of it all. I don't collect political items or pre war items, never have, but I wanted an SA dagger because it is an icon of the beginning of the Third Reich, the Brownshirts, and they look bloody cool (the dagger). I also like the Alles Fur Deutschland inscription vs the SS, because of the way it looks and it cuts right to the chase, All For Germany. Nothing vague or criptic here about "Honor" and "Loyalty". All for Gemany, I think that pretty much sums it up.

    Maybe this is why some consider the SA dagger the "gateway drug" to more potent stuff... If I had a recommendation to any green collector is buy an SA (or two ;-) and learn before even thinking about an SS.
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    Hi guys, here's a salty SA which i picked up today for a measly £200. Its a Haenel and has never been apart, has good form but also shows quite a bit of corrosion whilst remaining quite presentable. I'm well pleased with it, and the price i paid.Just shows that a bargain can still be had.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSC_0107.jpg 
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Name:	DSC_0111.jpg 
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Name:	DSC_0113.jpg 
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Name:	DSC_0108.jpg 
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Name:	DSC_0112.jpg 
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ID:	927813

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    That's good to hear ;-) I'll go for natural wear and corrosion anyday over obnoxious cleanup work and other general tampering!

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    HI Scott ,,Love the grip to crossguard fit..very nice. Every SA collection should have at least one of the 3 Suhl producers. Shows the differences in quality and craft next to the massed produced daggers. Suhl is in a class of its own in gun making reputation and their oak grips. Dazzling is all I can say about the style these Suhl producers have set themselves apart from the others. Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

    “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” - Winston Churchill

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    very nice!!! 200 is nothing! the scabbard looks nice not bad at all, the nickle is great aswel. Yes Larry that fit is great, most people buy the dagger for blade but i am really into the the grips. This one has a nice grip!!

    if you sell it let me know^^

    regards, Job

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    Thanks for the thumbs up guys. Ive had my eye on this dagger for a few months now, and today she became mine. No show winner by any means, but a good honest example at a great price.

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