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anyone out there detecting in germany?


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    Get online and look at some old war maps. I googled my town and found there was a small battle nearby and just went out into the woods and started. Ive found a bunch of .50 cals and shrapnel so far. Nothing AWESOME but still really cool to find and think 70 years ago what happened in those woods. Just get out there and start. What detector do you have? A big problem out here is iron shrapnel. Some of the less expensive ones cant distinguish junk iron to quality iron items. Either way, good luck!

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    I was just wondering if there are any MD groups near the Guetersloh area. And does anybody know the laws of MD for NRW. I got my first detector last week and want to go out detecting but not sure where to start.
    I welcome any advice.


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    Welcome to the forum,

    Check out this thread Rich ,

    Laws pertaining to Metal Detecting.

    It is a good start to your metal detecting to think about checking out the laws first that way you can make sure you don't run into many problems !!
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    I found a spot today in Frankenstein near Kaiserslautern. Certainly worth a look. I will return in the morning again, as I did not expect this area to be this good.

    If anyone would like the exact grid coordinate fire me off an email

    If you take interest in the area then make sure you have a great deal of time on your hands, I will complete my mapping in the morning and send it to whom ever would like to have a look at it. Generally I map a vast area thick in finds and prove it before I pass on details. Thus far I have a spot rough 279 meters X 120 meters. Pulling a dig and or surface finds no more than a 3 meter radius from each one. No roads and you need to hump it up the hill through thicket for about 831 meters in south west. The only disturbance of the area is wildlife, but games trails are very minimal.

    The findings today included, US Budweiser bottles (last made type was in 58), Buckles, Carbine barrel, some rather odd looking metal wheels and one carbine oil can.

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    Sounds very interesting. Why not just post the grid coordinates here as you are doing nothing wrong or illegal?

    Regards, Lars

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    Thanks Paul for the link.

    Can anybody confirm that there was a secret runway in Gutersloh during the war, apparently it's very close to PRB.
    I found this tag on Google earth:

    'Before the RAF moved in and during World War II, this was where the Germans had parked and started / landed their aircraft. It was not too far from the "real" airport, but still remotely enough to ensure aerial operations even during a bombing attack on the base. If you drive along this road and look into the forest, you can still see the remains of former aircraft shelters.'

    I have been in the woods where it's suppossed to be but I can't see any remains of aircraft shelters. Can somebody tell me if this tag is complete nonsense or do I need my eyes testing

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    This does not seem to be a good email address

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    First of all, I'm a newby here. Then I'mliving in Berlin. Next, show me someone who got a permission from the autjorities to go out metaldetecting. That you only will get when working as an volunteer conservationist and even that not everywhere in Germany. So anyone going out and being someone who is a "good detectorist" (closing holes when the digging is done or stopping digging when bones are found and telling that to our authorities here) is doing this illegal. Even when having a permission to dig on private ground, such as an meadow or any other field, your searching and digging is illegal. Normal police mostly will not say anything, forresters will catch you and when in a good mood only will get your detector and then let you off. That's like it looks like here in Germany.

    Greetings from Berlin.

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