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Best metal detector for military relics search

Article about: Hi guys, I want to start using a metal detector because I live near many battlefields and I'd like to know what do you think is the best quality/prize metal detector. thank you

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    Default Re: Best metal detector for military relics search

    I use an old C-Scope 990 non motion. It will not go as deep as many of the modern motion detectors, but with traning it is much faster to judge if the beep is worth digging or not. I often find much more than the guys with much more expensive detectors because I dig less.

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    Default Re: Best metal detector for military relics search

    i use a minelab musketeer with a 8" coil as my relichunter when detecting here in cornwall ..
    i also use a fisher 1266x pro which is an excellent machine with good depth capabilites.both machines are coil swappable in awkward areas
    search in all metal mode for maximum depth too
    hope this helps

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    Default Re: Best metal detector for military relics search

    I use a teknetics T2 since 3 years and I am very satisfied. I also bought a small sniper coil which works perfectly with it. Before I had a C-scope 1220xdp and was a great machine but too bulky and heavy.
    I have one question: I do have a Fisher 1236x2 here which I keep as a backup machine.
    is it comparable to the 1266 ? I like Fishers and I may want to swap it for one.

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    Default Re: Best metal detector for military relics search

    Great metal detector for relic searching is Minelab Sovereign GT. This detector is guilty for many great finds


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    Default Re: Best metal detector for military relics search

    Polish detectors are best of quality. I have one link of polish detectors:
    Wykrywacze metali - firma NOTRONIK
    I have this one and I am very happy of have it. Reach is well-tried.
    Cheers- Luka 8)

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    Default Garrett 250 vs C.Scope 990DX which would be the best as a first buy for detecting near a battlefield ww1?

    What do you think we be the best metal detect a 250 Garrett Ace or a C.Scope for innvestigating an area near ww1 battlefield? As a first time buy?
    Thanks, Ben

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    Default Re: Best metal detector for military relics search

    when buying a metal detector we can all give advice from our personal experience but it does come down to what suits the individual ..

    its best to ask youre self how much you want to spend first, set youre self a limit and then see whats available in youre budget ..

    then look at top reputable brands like minelab, XP , fisher , c scope etc and see if their particular machine offers what you are personally looking for ..

    when searching old military sites its always worth having a larger than standard coil for covering alot of ground quickly as well as a smaller 4" coil for awkward junky areas.

    another tip is to use the machine in all matel mode when ever possible as its at this setting that the maximum depth will be had ..

    searching in wet ground after heavy rain also has its advantages as often metalic objects will conduct the field better . .

    the minelab x terra range is great, user friendly and cheap to run on batteries
    yes the xp machine is another good choice , as is the fisher quicksilver..

    what it also comes down to is how well you know youre own machine ive seen ppl with expensive machines who struggled to use them properly because the machine had so many buttons that they didnt know what half of them were for not to mention having the machine set up for the ground they were searching properly

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    Default Re: Best metal detector for military relics search

    Fisher 1266x pro for me also
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