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Fisher F-75, anyone?

Article about: Ive some issues with my Fisher F-75. anyone using it or with Fisher? i'd like to send a PM for a specific question. thank you.

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    Default Fisher F-75, anyone?

    Ive some issues with my Fisher F-75. anyone using it or with Fisher? i'd like to send a PM for a specific question. thank you.
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    Default Re: Fisher F-75, anyone?

    Afraid not

    I use Bounty Hunter detectors.

    Is it something specific for Fisher or something more general we may be able to help with ?

    I suggest you post your question here as more people will see it

    Steve T

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    Default Re: Fisher F-75, anyone?

    Ive tried to lower the iron sensitivity rating on the F-75, but a lot of hits still come up on iron pieces and i was just digging nothing but iron nails, cast iron pipe pieces. is there a way to reduce this, although the sensitivity has now been set to like 5? the highest is 60.

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    Default Re: Fisher F-75, anyone?

    Sensitivity ?

    Discrimination is what you need to fiddle with, not the sensitivity ! Turn the sensitivity up full and then work the discrimination up by detecting a nail you bury yourself. Keep turning the discrimination up until the detector stops recognising your nail and hey presto ! No more nails !

    Do be aware though that there are quite a few relics that are steel/iron that this will also discriminate against.

    Steve T

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    Default Re: Fisher F-75, anyone?

    Steve, thanks for the advice.

    Im new to this - how can i lower or adjust the discrimination on the F-75? Ive tried reading the manual but it just seems over complicated. I tried the MD again today and have been pulling out iron nails and rust iron bits which makes a loud sound on these hits. I tried putting some rings in the ground and the MD also DID detect them with a higher pitch.

    am i missing someting? or is this correct?
    the current settings are on default.

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    Default Re: Fisher F-75, anyone?


    Have a look at the following site as your detector appears to not have a traditional 'discrimination'. Hopefully this site will help you

    Fisher f75 | metal detector information field test

    Steve T

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    Default Re: Fisher F-75, anyone?

    thats right Steve - there's no mention of a proper discrimination adjustment but only a so-called 'Confidence meter'.

    in that case, how could i tweak the MD so that i can achieve better hits?

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    Default Re: Fisher F-75, anyone?

    The confidence meter is a gimmick......of no real value when detecting to be honest.

    The website I linked above talks about an 'iron detection range'.

    I suggest you grab a selection of metals, bury them in your back garden and keep twiddling with the dials until you get the result you want.....i.e. no detection for rusty nails.

    One other thing thinking about it, my Bounty Hunter has a range of tones when it detects something, specific to groups of metals. Mine makes a nasty low pitched growling kind of 'beep' when it finds iron, a mid tone and clear beep for brass and a high pitched clear beep for nickel and gold. Consequently, I tend to ignore the low pitched growls to save myself time digging up nails (and also shotgun cartridges which invoke the same response), and concentrate on the higher tone detections.

    That being said, if you're battlefield relic hunting, you are gonna want to dig up the iron anyway ! Could be a helmet or gun or bayonet !!!

    Best thing to do mate is get out there and use it. The more you use it, the better you'll get at twiddling the controls. I have my detector almost permanently set at one discrimination and sensitivity as It has brought me my best results......but that's not to say I don't fiddle with the discrimination and sensitivity from time to time.

    Go detecting ! Getting sore arms from digging up hunks of crap is the best way to learn what your MD does !

    Steve T

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    Default Re: Fisher F-75, anyone?

    you're right Steve.

    I'll get on with it soon and start digging! Again, iron rust will be very common on the battlefield areas (as opposed to my garden - digging out rusted nails and iron pipe fittings!!!!! )

    one last thing - apart from discrimination, any other tweaks i should worry or pay attention to?

    And apart from gary's site, are there any other resources i can read about to improve the detection hits?

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    Default Re: Fisher F-75, anyone?

    Military last thing. Take at LEAST two spare sets of batteries with you for your MD and also a plastic bag to cover the housing for the electronics should it start hammering down with rain

    Otherwise, practice practice practice !

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