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help with first metal detector :(

Article about: by brataccas kinda confused with this, you are saying the garretts are NOT awesome? or good? I don't like them. I don't think they're any better than some of the MUCH cheaper machines. WH li

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    Well having just tested it in my back garden I am very very happy with the BH Tracker IV, and certainly a step up from my last MD that detected just about everything, whether it was metal or not!!!

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    John you do realise that a metal detector is for detecting metallic objects, it does not and will not guide you home from the pub!

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    That explains why I always end up back at the pub instead of back home!!!

    I hope it keeps working that way!!!

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    Hey brataccas

    A PI detector will achieve a much greater detection depth over a VLF, as VLF detectors struggle with mineralisation which in turn limits the depth capability of the detector, an SD2200d will achieve approx the same depth as a GPX 5000 within reason, by this I mean the level of mineralisation will affect this.
    The only PI minelab available new are the 4800 & 5000 in Australia, second hand has its risks just like second hand anything, but you can get them serviced, it would pay to get someone with experience to assist you with checking a unit.
    Hope this helps, I use an SD2200d.

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