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Laws pertaining to Metal Detecting.

Article about: Hi all I don't know where it disappeared to but I was sure I did a thread on MDing laws and 'stickied' it !!! Anyway, here it is again. If anyone is aware of any changes to these laws please

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    Default Re: Laws pertaining to Metal Detecting.

    I do agree with that statement,as I am a Military Police officer.But I have good relations with the foresters from the region.
    The law on MD is about the same as in france.
    On public domain you can't do anny MD diging without the autorisation from the provincional governor(almost impossible to obtain in serten provinces),anny find must be declared to the propper authority( if not you wil be proscecuted for theft from the state,reward is about 10% of the objects worth)
    If human remains are found you must inform the police.(privat or public domain)
    Explosives and by that I mean even a bullet,cannot be retrieved,as of then you fall under the weapons act(In belgium you have to warn the military bomb and UXO squad: DOVO)(It's illegal to posses anny ammo without the proper liscense)
    Weapons fall under the same act even in non working state(you need a collectors liscense)
    On privat domain annything go's aslong that you are in order with the law and the owner of the domain.
    For example A large portion of WW1 trenches in Belgium are on privat domains,and the farmers have no problem with it(always ask a written permission from the owner)But keep in mind that this region got pepperd with all kinds of gas shell's and there are a lot of them left.

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    Default Re: Laws pertaining to Metal Detecting.


    Many thanks for clarifying that I am glad you agree

    Steve T

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    Default Re: Laws pertaining to Metal Detecting.

    Small ad to the Belgian digging Law's,
    For any digging on private or public proprety you can't dig deeper than 30cm, if You want to dig any deeper you need a archeological digging permit.

    Grtz Steven

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    Default Re: Laws pertaining to Metal Detecting.

    great topic boys good news in Romania no problem to dig on battelfield just you must have a permit for a metaldetector from the police it is normal like an american maby another nation to have this from her country ....AND THERE IS 2 MABY 3 HOO DIG i just talk with my friend and i will go next summer 1 week ...this friend have a lot of map because work in the army ...on ww1 there is a lot of war in romania also ww2 but if you dont now the areea you search for nothing

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    Default Re: Laws pertaining to Metal Detecting.

    I posted this in another thread but I'll go again here as it appears more apropriate. I would love to go relic hunting with a MD (I don't own one and have never used one) in Europe next year. My itinerary would include Nimegen, Holland, Arnhem Holland, the Hurtgen Forest (I know it is strictly forbidden there), and the Seelow Heights near Berlin.

    I have been to Normandie, the Vosge,the Alsace and Foy where I have found many fighting holes but was unprepared and or ignorant to try to find relics.
    Can anyone tell me whats what with relic hunting. I see all kinds of U-tube video's where these guys are plucking relics out of the ground like they're picking cotton and it doesn't seem like there are any restrictions.

    Now I began reading on your forums here and it appears that there's more to this than meets the eye.

    So what are the "rules of engagement" for relic hunting and how do I find out more? Which countries are more tolerant with relic hunting? Needless to say, the last thing I need is to be arrested through stupidity and ignorance.

    Thanks for your help fella's.

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    Default Re: Laws pertaining to Metal Detecting.

    In all the places you mention digging is illegal unless you have obtained the relevant permissions !!
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    Default Re: Laws pertaining to Metal Detecting.

    Metal Detector Users and Archaeology in Poland

    In Poland The Protection and Care of Historical Monuments Act of 23 July 2003 (o ochronie zabytków i opiece nad zabytkami rok 2003) forbids any amateur search for artifacts, either for commercial or for personal use.

    From a research paper on the subject:
    Destruction of archaeological sites by treasure hunters, a phenomenon which was almost unknown, or occurred only sporadically, until the middle of the 1990s, has recently becomeone of the most serious threats to the archaeological heritage of Poland (Banasiewicz and Ginalski 1997).
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    Default Re: Laws pertaining to Metal Detecting.

    In France it's illegal and know parts of forests with the trenchs of WWII and trenchs of diggers. I stopped in the 80's because if Gendarmerie or Douane or other see you, you have big problems.
    I remember a couple of Germans digging in Alsace. Arrested by the Gendarmerie, German Police was in their houses and all weapons were taken.

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    Default Re: Laws pertaining to Metal Detecting.

    Hmmmm. . .What about Italy??? I haven't read a word about the Italians having issue with relic hunting. Is this so?

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    Default Re: Laws pertaining to Metal Detecting.

    Yes. As far as I am aware MDs are a no no in Italy, as is the recovery of relics. Maybe one of our Italian colleagues can confirm this ?

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