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Which metal detector do you use and why?

Article about: by banny Thanks for the advice, I shall have to look closer at other models. It looks like most of the White's models are now digital and a lot of the Fisher's. I was considering a White's o

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    When it comes to metal detectors you need to find the one that fits your needs. Its like buying a car- some like a ww others a bmw (or what these cars are named)

    When it comes to machines i do know- I stick to my Excalibur2 1000. JW Fisher pulse 8x. Garrett ATX.

    What other detectorists uses and chooses is all up to them.
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    I recently took up metal detecting about a month ago. I am using the Garrett Euroace and Garret Pro Pointer. The Euroace is specifically designed for use in Europe, unlike its U.S equivalent the ace 350.

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    took delivery of my cg-1023 today .cant go defending them based just on what yanks say ,lol. had a quick blast in back garden thats full of coke and been done with the t2 clone and bug clone with both coils.. turned disc upto 5 which knocked out my biggest piece of coke, then gave it a try .sure enough i got six signals in half hour , double checking each with bug clone fitted with 5" coil . all were jumping all over on the bug .from iron to good signal .i would not have dug one . four were small non ferrous ,two were big deep iron . On reflection after just half hours practice i would not get fooled by many more iron signals . i think this cheapie is a gem that i will deffinately keep.

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