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My Metal Detecting Finds

Article about: Hi guy I would like to show you a very small portion of my metal detecting finds in Bulgaria Hope you enjoy them has much has I do

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    You're right ! It's from a Martini action, and my piece is from a Martini-Enfield .303 conversion. I've only had to wait nearly 50 years to identify it

    Coincidentally, the junkshop where I found it was just a couple of miles from the old RSAF at Enfield.......

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    Better late than never

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    The 3 ring cast black powder bullets are from around the 1860s, at least that what i read when looking into it.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks so all my bullets will date around the Russo-Turkish War 1877-78 All found in fields in Bulgaria

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    Well if you found so many in one area i would say could only be linked to an event unless was some sort of range

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    Yes was found in a few fields quite close to each other where there was battles

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    I only found isolated one so maybe was from singular action or used in hunting..... Any old find is great to me

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    All the bullets was found over a 3 year period

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