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Rules and Laws in Estonia

Article about: Hello I am new to this forum, great stuff by the way!!! I will be visiting estonia this summer (particularly Narwa), and I would like if someone could just post some of the laws regarding ba

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    Default Rules and Laws in Estonia


    I am new to this forum, great stuff by the way!!!

    I will be visiting estonia this summer (particularly Narwa), and I would like if someone could just post some of the laws regarding battlefield archaeology in Estonia:

    What are the basic rules?
    How about public ground?
    What are the rules about what you find?
    What do you normally do with remains, ID etc.?

    I would be very pleased if someone could post the rules and laws, or write me a link with the laws and rules...

    Thank you very much
    /Nicolai - Denmark

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    Default Re: Rules and Laws in Estonia

    Hi Nicolai, welcome to the forum. We have several guys here that can help you with this question. Unfortunately, I'm not one of them. Moderator Paul E knows alot about digging in Estonia. I'm sure he'll give you some info when he sees this. Good luck!


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    Default Re: Rules and Laws in Estonia

    Nicolai welcome to the forum.

    Firstly can i say that Estonia like many EU countries is not a free for all as far as Battlefield Archaeology / metal detecting is concerned.

    Many people think they can just turn up in the Estonia and start digging where they please which is not correct . To dig legally in Estonia permission is required from landowners and in many cases the Estonian goverment or the local county or parish authorities. A great problem is knowing who owns land unless you have local knowledge or have visited many times.

    If you are found digging by the Politsei without the authorities you will find yourself in the Police station at Narva which will not be a nice experience i can assure you.

    Many sites around Narva are designated memorial areas especially Sinnimae and digging is not allowed there.

    If remains are found the German Volksbund or Russian war graves needs to be contacted in order to make sure any remains are excavated and recovered properly and official reburials to take place.

    Many areas still contain live munitions which aside from the obvious dangers if you are caught with any live munitions /rounds etc the sentences are quite severe and the Estonian Police are clamping down heavily on this at the moment.

    if you need to know more please contact me , hopefully one of our Estonian members can post the actual pieces of Law that cover this,

    Do you have any contacts in Narva or Estonia ?


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    Default Re: Rules and Laws in Estonia

    thank you very much,

    no i do not have any contacts in estonia, unfortunately...
    I'll just forget about it, haha... it was mostly just if i had the time, and if it were permitted (didn't expect it, but asked anyways )

    but thank you very much for the help, I'll just dig up my own neighbourhood instead


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    Default Re: Rules and Laws in Estonia

    It depends what are You looking for. When You want just to pick up some battlefield crap like K98 shells, grenade splinters etc. every place in Narwa region is good:-). I suggest to find contact with some Estonian diggers. I visit old battlefields with detector 2-3 times every year and have not found any human remains jet. But of course I do not dig in the graveyards and as I'm pretty lazy I so not like to dig more than 20-30 cm:-)

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