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Strange mils bomb

Article about: last metal detecting find. any idea? Annoyed from this ads?  

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    Default Strange mils bomb

    last metal detecting find. any idea?
    Strange mils bomb Strange mils bomb

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    Maybe used as mine of surprise fixed on something? Zelo zanimivo kateri del Hrvaške ..Reka?

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    I really hope thats not live. I had a really close call a few years back with a mills bomb. I had a decactiveted one... well i thought it was . We used to pull the pin and chuck it to each other. Sold it to a professional that told me it was live the whole time. Gives me chills

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    Looks live to me , i wouldnt want that in my home

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    Tailor don't worry about that.

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    That's Live ! period .. !!

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    The first that comes to my mind must be it is converted to be set as a trap.

    I will not tell you to be careful taking live unstable explosives back to your home, as you know this already...
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    It looks like a screw to set the grenade to a hard standing ...... and then as mentioned, a probable wire trip to pull the pin.

    (Ammatol !!!!! very dodgy when old .... tends to crystalize)

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    It would be best to contact the authorities Prinz. I dont think I want to gamble and guess its inert before something bad happens.
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    this is from my friend and i post it because he is not on the forum.

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