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  1. A shot of the Luftwaffe Familycool militaria...

    A shot of the Luftwaffe Familycool militaria
  2. Collection Update!

    Added some new items and rearranged some stuff!

    Note; The Verwundetenabzeichen 1939 in black and the document belong together. Also bought the Wehrpass and some documents which were sent to his...
  3. Recently added these 2 badges to my collection....

    Recently added these 2 badges to my collection.
    - Erdkampfabzeichen der Luftwaffe (Ground Assault Badge) marked by G.H. Osang from Dresden.
    - (Mint) Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen des Heeres (Infantry...
  4. Added this beautiful Kriegsverdienstkreuz first...

    Added this beautiful Kriegsverdienstkreuz first class by Julius Bauer & Söhne to my collection this week. It is unmarked but I just love the patina en the way it is vaulted.
  5. Just thought I needed to rearrange some things...

    Just thought I needed to rearrange some things because of the many new items.
    What do you guys think?

  6. New additions!

    Hi guys!

    Added some new items to my collection today!
    1. Distinguished Service Cross
    2. Bronze Star Medal with "V for Valor"
    3. Good Conduct Medal

    Also bought a WW2 Distinguished Flying...
  7. Thanks Mauser202 and Rakkasan187 (Smitty ;)),...

    Thanks Mauser202 and Rakkasan187 (Smitty ;)), Anderson and Wilko!
  8. Thanks MAP and Larry C! @Larry, I bought my...

    Thanks MAP and Larry C!

    @Larry, I bought my stands at OnFireGuy | Coin Supplies, Display Stands, Fireplace Remotes (they also sell on ebay). I think these are the best ones available. Also ordered...
  9. Detailed pictures of my collection items!

    Iron Cross 1st class section

    Iron Cross 2nd class section

    Iron Cross 2nd class 1914 (Königliches Münzamt Orden, Berlijn)

    Iron Cross 2nd class 1939 "Schinkel"...
  10. BKEHV Collection - Third Reich - with detailed pictures

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for reading this thread where I will show you my collection. I hope you like it as much as I do!

    I started collecting in 2016 but I have always been very interested in history,...
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