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Schiffchen fŁr Offiziere der Luftwaffe

Article about: Please your opinion for the cap, it looks original to me. Thanks a lot for your help.

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    Itís definitely an enlisted cap, as you can see a faint RBNr inside. I typically want to see shots of the cap lying flat on each side, full view, when Iím looking at a potential purchase.

    Perhaps there are guys here who can help you assess the actual number and stamp, though. As I only collect officer and general rank, I don't study these.


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    Gentlemen: no offence to anyone, but Ade is THE specialist for these caps. I would trust him (and I like this cap myself although I am no specialist for sidecaps).
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    No offence to you or Ade, but this is a learning process for Thodorus. So itís good for him to see how others approach vetting pieces.

    The cap is probably good, but I vet Forage caps differently than theough the photos provided. If Ade is confident about the cap based on these, then he has what he needs to make his assessment.

    What I can say with confidence based on what Iím seeing thus far is that the eagle is a repro.

    Thodorus - as you can see, this hobby is subjective. Itís important for you to listen to everything at this point and handle as many agreed-upon originals. Then you can start to develop a better idea of what to listen to and what to tune out.

    And before anybody misinterprets that last comment, itís a general statement to collectors as they ramp up heir learning and not specific to this thread or members commenting therein.


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    Well said Jason. I was going to post something similar but initially declined.

    What I wanted to say is that it's great when a member wanting authentication on an item gets a quick thumbs up or thumbs down from a member highly experienced with those types of items. However, they learn more... we all learn more... when there is a discussion beyond a simple verdict of "the item is good" or "the item is bad".
    So when an esteemed member about such items comments, it should not be interpreted as "judgement rendered, now everybody shut up".

    I'll be the first to say I'm experienced in a wide range of Heer and Luftwaffe items, but hardly an expert with any. I'm more a jack of all trades, master of none. So I greatly value the input of those who specialize in areas that I can only dabble in. I think both Jason and I were trying to reveal our thinking and approach to authenticating the cap as "non-experts" and that might be helpful to some members.

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