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Feldgendarmerie / SS-Police set

Article about: This Wehrpass was issued in August 1942 to Hans Stolz who, as the WEhrpass photo shows, was a civilian Policeman at the time.

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    There may well be a good reason why the documents for the intervening years have gone missing. At the same time these books were sold, his award documents were sold off separately. They show he served in III./ SS-Polizei Regiment 9 and I./SS-Polizei Regiment 16. Both these units were part of Polizei Kampfgruppe Jeckeln. Jeckeln, being SS-Obergruppenführer Friedrich Jeckeln, the Einsatzgruppe commander responsible for many atrocities during his "police" actions.

    As I was told by one of the top researchers on the subject of the Eisnatzgruppen, this guy Stolz even if he didn't pull the trigger himself in "questionable activities", certainly knew who did!

    Perhaps the Soldbuch-Dienstpass listing his service with Jeckeln were deliberately disposed of by him at the wars end , to avoid drawing attention to his activities.
    Seems to be a logical explanation for the missing soldbuch etc Jeckelns reputation was certainly unsavoury and yet he became an Eichenlaubtraeger as a reward for his Einsatzgruppen commands i believe , executed in Riga in 1946 !!
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    Very interesting.

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