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Help with handwriting in a Leistungsbuch

Article about: I need help with interpretation of some text in a Leistungsbuch I was lucky to buy, I have problems getting through some of the text. I have manage to see what is written in about 80% of thi

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    "Dämmerungsangriff auf Flugplatz Balti"

    "Angriff auf Bereitstellungen SW Tiraspol. 3000 m
    Durch F-Schreiben Armeegruppe Wöhler bestätigt

    "Bahnhof brannte nach dem 1. Einsatz"

    "Stellungen N Sewastopol 3 AB500 mit SD1, 2000 m mehrere Explosionen in Munitionslager."

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    A BIG thank you again Andreas (if I got that right)

    Then there is just 2 more things I can't get right for his time in 2./KG27, I'll try them right away,

    Help with handwriting in a Leistungsbuch

    "bahnhof Wapujarkal (Wapnjarka), 6 LC50, 14 SD50, 3800 m. ziel güt ausgebüchste, xxx brände im bahnhof"

    Help with handwriting in a Leistungsbuch

    "Als wegmarkierer ü. beleuchter auf bahnhof Wapujarkal (Wapnjarka) xxxxxxx. 4000m"

    Then I have to do more work on his time in 7./KG4, even though it is written by the same man I find it more difficult to get through, he is writing thing in a diffrent way than he did during his KG27 time, exampel

    Help with handwriting in a Leistungsbuch

    "Karl, xxxx-ziel u. zur."
    "Als P.Z.-Markierer auf bahnhof Ülinxx? (Ulin) eingesetzt. Guter Angriffserfolg."
    "xxx Wehrmacht bericht xxx x xxxxx"

    And does anyone know what P.Z. is short for? He is using that and P.A. in several places. I have not found those abriviations in any Luftwaffe listing on abriviations.

    Thank you for helping me out!

    Best Regards

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    "Bahnhof Wapnjarka, 6 LC50, 14 SD50, 3800 m. Ziel gut ausleuchtet, starke Brände im Bahnhof"

    "Als Wegmarkierer u. Beleuchter auf Bahnhof Wapnjarka eingesetzt."

    "Karl, xxxx-Ziel u. zur." (I can't make out the missing bit either; "u. zur." means "und zurück".)

    "Als P.Z.-Markierer auf Bahnhof XXX eingesetzt. Guter Angriffserfolg." (Not sure about the place.)

    "Im Wehrmachtbericht genannt"

    Sorry, I'm not familiar with the PZ/PA abbreviations.

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    I am so very greatful for all your help.

    The place is Ulin, 350km west of Moscow. I have also other sources confirming that. The thing that confuses me is the 2 extra letters in the name, jg? but it's not a big deal.

    I got stuck and worked this very late this night, slowly getting through the text. It's very interesting to see more detals of the missions flown.

    Best Regards

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    Asking for help with one more that I almost have got through. This one is in connection to pic 2 in post #9

    Help with handwriting in a Leistungsbuch

    "Fernschreib xxx 6. Armee am 26.4.1944:
    die 6. Armee bestätige, daß der luft- angriff aüf xxxx
    # 8?441 xxxx güten wirkung hatten"

    Thank you in advance

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    "Fernspruch von 6. Armee am 26.4.1944:
    Die 6. Armee bestätigt, daß der letzte Angriff auf Wäldchen
    D 9441 äußerst gute Wirkung hatte.

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    Thanks a million Andreas!

    Best Ragards

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