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Second issue Wehrpass

Article about: Hello everyone I’m considering buying a wehrpass for a soldier that was killed in action. The seller says it’s a second issue sent to his family. I know nothing about these documents and won

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    Default Second issue Wehrpass

    Hello everyone
    I’m considering buying a wehrpass for a soldier that was killed in action. The seller says it’s a second issue sent to his family. I know nothing about these documents and wondered if
    1. There is such a thing as a second issue
    2. If there is is this of a significant lesser desirability than an original.
    3. What would be a reasonable price to pay.
    Hope someone can help.

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    The value of this Wehrpaß hinges on the content, where the owner was, his unit and not whether it is 1st or 2nd issue.

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    Thanks BlackCat1982 much appreciated

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    Second issue simply indicates the document is a replacement, where the original was too damaged or illegible to be used further. The information in the original pass would be copied over, so it only really concerns the condition of the document itself, rather than its contents, which would be more or less identical.

    Regards, B.B.
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    Thanks for your reply B. B. much appreciated.

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    Although it has to be said that it all depends on when the replacement was issued. If the man served from 1939 or 1940 (for example's sake) and the replacement was issued in late 1944 then that will affect price. But if was replaced in 1942 then it would still be of interest as there will still be a few original entries rather than those added all in one go. You see comments in some replacement WP's that state the original was lost during a particular battle such as Stalingrad or Tcherkassy and that helps keep the interest there but late war replacements or replace,ments with few to no original entries are worth a lot less then an original issue with original entries.
    You can find replacement WP for DKiG or RK winners and the asking prices are no-where near what they would be for an original issue because it is a replacement.

    As already mentioned, content is a factor.

    You can find original issued WP to someone killed in action for around 60 Euros and upwards.

    EDIT: And forgot to say that you also have replacement posthumous issued WP that were compiled for the family by the depot unit in Germany and they are worth a lot less than an original as a lot of the times they won't even have a photo of the man in question in them.

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    Thanks for your reply hucks216. Very interesting. I’ll certainly take into account all you’ve said when I get some more details from the seller. I know he wants 195 euros do you think that’s too much or is it an unfair question?

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    If it is a replacement (Zweitschrift) - and if it is a posthumous issue one sent to the family - then I would say that it is far too expensive but without seeing the details it is not possible to confirm one way or the other. For all I know it could be to a senior officer, although I doubt it.
    For what it is worth, I have one for sale on Militaria 321 for 85 Euros (including shipping) and that is an original 1939 issue Wehrpass to a soldier injured with Inf.Rgt 424 in 1941 and killed with Sicherungs-Btl 242 in 1943 which indicates what a 'normal' example is worth.

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